Monday, July 16, 2012

Top 25 Albums of 2012 6 Months In

This is a little late compared to the songs list but I've been busy, but finally I've found the time and the list is done. Due to its lateness I've been able to sneak a few listens of albums released after July 1 but its all good cause I make the rules. So here's the list

1. Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music

Produced by EL-P (another member of this list) Killer Mike's southern hip hop album is the most in your face, hard hitting album of this year. It starts emphatically with Big Beast which features Bun B and the album goes on to produce a range of great tracks including my favourite and song list member Don't Die and Reagan. Not a single bad song on here

2. Beach House - Bloom

There seem to be some that were hoping for more from Beach House, well while I can see where they are coming from, they can get FUCKED. The album is a little different as its a far bigger sound but the main gist of Beach House is still there with the ultra beautiful and sweet sounding dream pop tracks.

3. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben

Another stellar album from one of my favourite bands of all time, Anton Newcombe has again put together another strong psychedelic album and with a closer as strong as Blue Order/New Monday the album has an incredible ending to a strong album throughout.

4. John Talabot - Fin

This album flows so great, Talabot has created a great array of beats and creates a strong house album. When put on you can't skip to halfway through or even to the second track as you will immediately feel something is missing. While after listening for a while you almost become consumed by the a positive way of course!

5. Ty Segell band - Slaughterhouse

Are you punk rock? anyway this album is fast, raw and powerful and overall a strong modern punk record that brings together I like about modern punk. Raw emotion, a large amount of noise and a little bit of speed.

6. EL-P - Cancer For Cure

White boy can rap...and hes back! its so good to see EL-P release a new album and god damn it rules. His flow is fast and clear and the lyrics are strong. The speed in which some of the beats are make me happy, this nig likes some fast tracks and we get this.

7. Japandroids - Celebration Rock

This is just a fun rock album, this two piece makes so much sound and has found a way of putting together a bunch of great rock tracks with some solid lyrics.

8. Home Brew - Home Brew

I was a little slow to get this album, but after all I am a complete fool. This album is strong on powerful lyrical content with references to growing up and the New Zealand Government. It does have its moments of humour and doesn't take itself too seriously, I like.

9. Grimes - Visions

This album flows perfectly, the ambient at times electronics combined with the sweet voice of Claire Boucher (Grimes) this album just meshes. The dream pop vocals take this album to another level and while her earlier albums were quite good this album seems to be a serious step up.

10. Lotus Plaza - Spooky Action At A Distance

Man, remember Desire Lines from the last Deerhunter album? yeah that song was sweet and featured the vocals of guitarist Lockett Pundt. This album is the second solo album of his under the title Lotus Plaza and its as dreamy as that great Deerhunter track. Standouts on the album are Monoliths and Dusty Rhodes (Hes an American...dream). The songs are full of dreamy indie rock with long dragged out moments that add to the overall beauty of the album.

The rest:

11. Death Grips- The Money Store
12. First Aid Kit - The Lions Roar
13. Sharon Van Etten - Tramp
14. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
15. King Tuff - King Tuff
16. Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage
17. Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory
18. Ruby Frost - Water To Ice
19. Dirty Three - Toward The Low Sun
20. Lawrence Arabia - The Sparrow
21. High Of Fire - The Art Of Self Defense
22. Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again
23. Perfume Genius -  Put Your Back N 2 It
24. Liars - WIXIW
25. The Men - Open Your Heart

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 25 Songs Of 2012 6 Months In

First blog post for a while and seeing as I discontinued posting about songs and albums I've enjoyed so far I decided it was time for a list. As we are 6 months into this year and to be honest not nearly as many great album have been released it made things a little harder. But still here's my favourite 25 songs released so far this year.

1. Wasted Days - Cloud Nothings (Attack On Memory)

The first time I heard this track I realised straight away this was a definite favourite and I haven't looked back. The lyrics, the punkish vibe going with long drawn out interludes and the occasional screams make it amazing.

2. Give Out - Sharon Van Etten (Tramp)

This was one of the first songs I heard released this year and I haven't felt bored by it yet. Such a strong acoustic track with Sharon's unique voice and pretty lyrics making it a top track.

3. Listen To Us - Home Brew (Home Brew)

Its the voice of the New Zealand people in song, the lyrics are powerful, strong and honest while the samples make this that little bit more meaningful. (John key can suck my dick)

4. Open Your Heart - The Men (Open Your Heart)

Such a great noise rock track, seriously the album is kind of weird with its occasional country song. But this song is just noise rock with the band really turning a sloppy loud track into something cohesive. fast and frantic at times the song keeps it together to make it a track I really enjoy.

5. Blue Order/New Monday - The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Aufheben)

Such a massive closer to a great album, all kinds of greatness in this Psychedelic rock track. Anton Newcombe has certainly got another gem here with the retro sounds and overall beauty coming from it.

6. Oldie - Odd Future (The OF Tape vol 2)

It's not because of the triumphant return of Earl Sweatshirt (although that is nice) that makes this track a favourite of mine. It's actually the raps of the lesser members in the band, particularly Mike G and Frank Ocean (hes lesser in a rapping sense aight?). Everyone gets a go and while the beat is fairly simple it does allow for everyone to get their own and on the whole have a nice group of verses even if I feel like its barely a song for that.

7. To A Poet - First Aid Kit (The Lions Roar)

The track begins with the nice voices of First Aid Kit, almost haunting before it swings through into a powerful chorus with lyrics like "Though I miss you more than I can take and I will surely break. And every morning that I wake up there is the sake, but there's nothing more to it, I just get through it." brings together a strong chorus that lifts it above some great tracks on what is a strong folk album.

8. Don't Die - Killer Mike (R.A.P. Music)

The whole album is full of great R.A.P. tracks (yeah I did that) but this one pips them all. Strong flow and aggression with a nice beat that accompanies it. Whats not to like?

9. Be A Body - Grimes (Visions)

Grimes lovely scenic electronic music is always followed by such a beautiful voice which makes her tracks so nice to listen to. This one is no different and all in all she has the ability to  mesmerise the listener throughout.

10. The Full Retard - El-P (Cancer For Cure)

This track isn't as explosive as others on the album, but to me its the best flow and beat, grooves for dayzzz.

11. Wishes - Beach House (Bloom)
12. Her Fantasy - Matthew Dear (Beams)
13. Monoliths - Lotus Plaza (Spooky Action At A Distance)
14. Come To Life - Ruby Frost (Water To Ice)
15. Evils Sway - Japandroids (Celebration Rock)
16. Destiny feat. Pional - John Talabot (fin)
17. Hustle Bones - Death Grips (Money Store)
18. Liqourice  - Azealia Banks (1991 EP)
19. Odebear - Purity Ring (Shrines)
20. Pyramids - Frank Ocean (Channel Orange)
21. Alone & Stoned - King Tuff (King Tuff)
22. I'll Be Alright - Passion Pit (Gossamer)
23. Come On, Be A No One - The Cribs (In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull)
24. Hood - Perfume Genius (Put Your Back N 2 It)
25. Spiritual Rites - High On Fire (De Vermis Mysteriis)