Thursday, February 2, 2012

Live Review: Fleet Foxes Town Hall Wellington

Sure this review is a few weeks late but its all good cause at the end of the day this was to be a fine night out. Fleet Foxes which produced one of my favourite albums of 2011 in Helplessness Blues were once again graces us with some beautiful folk music. This was the first for me to see this band and I was pretty excited when I read the news of the tour, the show was originally to be played just 5 minutes from my place but was then changed to a bigger (and better) venue in the Town Hall.

The opening act for this show was really sweet a folk two piece of the name Tiny Ruins which instantly before a song was sung reminded me of First Aid Kit. They didn't really sound that similar but were an excellent foil for Fleet Foxes and are a band I definitely wish to see again sometime.

The set opens with the track The Plains / Bitter Dancer off of the new record and immediately we are presented with beautiful music lead of course by the sweet vocals of Robin Pecknold. The band covered by darkness with only small amounts of light on stage then went on to play my favourite track by them Mykonos. As it was my favourite I was obviously excited to get this out of the way early and not think whether they would even play this or not. We were treated to more tracks from Helplessness Blues in the form of Battery Kinzie, Bedouin Dress and my favourite on this new album Sim Sala Bim.

Throughout the band continues to play the songs as beautiful as you could expect and the live show is as polished as any I've seen. The set included some of the tracks of the very good debut self titled album those tracks were Your Protector (a favourite of my flat mate who also attended), White Winter Hymnal and Ragged Wood until we returned to more Helplessness Blues in the form of album opener Montezuma.

The set ended with a mix of Helplessness Blues and self titled with exception of English House off the Sun Giant EP. The set ended with a couple of big time numbers with Blue Ridge Mountains which the crowd immediately roared in delight to and then finally Helplessness Blues an appropriate closer to what was a really nice concert.

Overall this was a nice show, at times I wished they would step out a little more from the darkness but at the end of the day it added to the show in a weird way. The tunes were performed without fault and  they were able to portray the beauty of every song at least as well it is presented on the album. To find fault in this show is really knit picking so I'll just end with this being one of the most amazing shows I've been to, so sweet.

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