Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top 50 Songs Of 2012

50. Song For Leigh - The Walkmen (Heaven)
I didn't think of this song until real last minute mainly because I left a note on my ipod that this was my favourite track on the album. After listening to it a few times I remembered why I like it. Its simple, although I've never sung myself sick or met someone called Leigh but he better be grateful for the song.

49. Oldie - Odd Future (Odd Future Mixtape Vol.2)
I see a theory brewing with Odd Future it starts with people seeing whatever album that is next as the breakout album and then they disappoint you almost completely apart from a few tracks which remind you why you still live in hope. This is that song, the beat is simple, the verses are nice from the whole group and the return of EARL. Oh yeah that theory I need a name for that.

48. Hood - Perfume Genius (Put Your Back N 2 It)
It's sad and slow, the emotion in it is beautiful and believable, I love the change in tempo and the build to that plus the dip back down. The music video is weird.

47. Reunion - The xx (Coexist)
I was worried the new xx album might just stink and after the initial love for this album, I kind of got bored but I always felt this track was great. I love the beat, while still slow and minimal it still has found a way to be dancy in its own little way.

46. Spiritual Rites - High On Fire (De Vermis Mysteriis)
Its one of the few metal tracks on this list and I love the explosiveness of the song and the snarly vocals of Matt Pike. It still has the HOF sludgy sound that has developed over the years and its almost completely balls to the wall.

45. Dissolve Me - Alt J (An Awesome Wave)
I hadn't heard of this band until a friend started gushing about them after they were announced for Laneway next year (I'm going) so I checked them out. I don't like them nearly as much as my friend but I definitely see the appeal and this is my favourite off it mainly because of the beat.

44. I Bought My Eyes - Ty Segall Band (Slaughterhouse)
just a rock song, nice distortion and rocks hard

43. 1904 - The Tallest Man on Earth (There's No Leaving Now)
I got the new Tallest Man On Earth album for someone as part of a 21st Bday present, I hadn't heard it but knew she'd enjoy it and I ripped the album before gifting

42. Epizootics - Scott Walker (Bish Bosch)
It's debatable about whether this is even a song cause its completely fucked, but Scott Walker's voice is so great and I like this.

41. Pique - Menomena (Moms)
Lyrically this might be the best Memomena song for me apart from TAOS cause it has "cocksure" in it. I don't prefer the word cocksure cause it has cock in it either. You like men.

40. Come on, Be A No-One - The Cribs (In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull)
Its catchy and its British indie rock, it works.

39. Bones - Michael Kiwanuka (Home Again)
I've never been a soul guy, but this dude is so great that you must recognise. Epic voice.

38. Take A Walk - Passion Pit (Gossamer)
Passion Pit are BACK and I was worried the synth pop times might be dying but this album opener is perfect. It throws you back into why Passion Pit were great the first time.

37. Bad Thing - King Tuff (King Tuff)
I really like this song when he shouts "I'm a baaaaaaad thiiiiinngg"

36. Don't Want The World - David Dallas (Buffalo Man)
He's so talented and this rap is just incredibly catchy and once I heard it for the first time multiple listens in quick succession ensued.

35. Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape With The Flood Of Detritus - Titus Andronicus (Local Business)
While they don't look punk in this slightest, their songs have the same spirit and when it builds to the singer screaming is when shit gets real.

34. Lines - Big Boi feat. A$AP Rocky and Phantogram (Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours)
Phantogram on this song slows things down nicely and unsurprisingly the verses of Big Boi and A$SAP rule.

33. Elephant - Tame Impala (Lonerism)
Dat riff, this song oozes psychedelia

32. Belispeak II - Purity Ring feat. Danny Brown (Shrines)
Synth pop is still cool or as still as cool as it was before (I'm unsure if it ever was), this version is mo better than the O.G. version (that's great as well). Danny Brown kills it and only add to a strong song. Needs more collaborations.

31. Monoliths - Lotus Plaza (Spooky Action At A Distance)
Desire Lines Pt.2

30. Laura - Bats For Lashes (The Haunted Man)
I've met some Laura's before, none to the extent where they'd even be described as a superstar but this song is easily the star on this album. Its right in the middle of the album but you know it peaks at this point.

29. Hey Jane - Spiritualized (Sweet Heart Sweet Light)
God damn this is like old rock classic in 2012 form, when it builds around the middle part of the song reminds me of those times at gigs where its last track and its the last time to really get amongst.

28. Circumambient - Grimes (Visions)
There's many to choose from, but as of right now this is it, a beautiful pop song.

27. Pyramids - Frank Ocean (Channel Orange)
This song is by far the most legit on this, I didn't like the whole statement before this dropped about his first love being a man, not because its a man, cause I don't care about that. But because it totally takes away from the songs as most will describe this as "Frank Ocean, you know the guy who likes men) when it should be "Frank Ocean, the guy who put out Pyramids, the song with the sick beat and beautiful vocals".

26. To A Poet - First Aid Kit (Lions Roar)
I love and stripped down they are, its never to a point where it sounds thin. The vocals are amazing, when they sing together for "Though I miss you more than I can take and I will surely break. And every morning that I wake up there is the sake, but there's nothing more to it, I just get through it. Ah, there's nothing more to it, I just get through it." is when it hits its peak.

25. Speak In Rounds - Grizzly Bear (Shields)
Dat acoustic.

24. Mother Of The World - Swans (The Seer)
The beginning is relentless and once you get past that its like a gift when Gira starts singing "In and Out and In and Out aggggaaaaaiiinnn" total monster track.

23. Everything Is Embarassing - Sky Ferreira (Ghost)
Sky Ferreira the person on twitter who counted down the release of the Hobbit and Christopher Owens re tweeted each days countdown. This is such a lovely pop song, its believable and totally accessible to anyone into pop, I hope people come round to this one, its worth it.

22. Evil Sway - Japandroids (Celebration Rock)
Can they sound anymore happy during this song? "oh yeah, oh right"

21. Catatonic - ...And You Will Know Us BY The Trail Of The Dead (Lost Songs)
It doesn't slow down, you just have to keep up and I prefer it that way.

20. Wishes - Beach House (Bloom)
It's hard to describe why you like a Beach House song, cause you can't just say "its Beach House", but I'm going to anyway. It's dreamy and while there's no significant different from times past they don't need to change.

19. Brats - Liars (WIXIW)
I was late on this, the beat gets this going and the vocals kick it up a notch, the song feels like it'll get out of hand but then you realise it never does.

18. Backstreet Freestyle - Kendrick Lamar (Good Kid M.A.A.D. City)
I feel like his raps on this are stronger than any other song by far plus he wants to fuck the world for 72 hours.

17. Aimless Arrow - Converge (All We Love We Leave Behind)
There's no easing into this song they just throw you in and I love it this way, the song just doesn't give you a chance to catch your breath.

16. Set It Off - Diplo (Express Yourself)
Its a great club track, although I doubt I'll ever hear it in a club.

15. Hustle Bones - Death Grips (Money Store)
So many to choose from but this one since first listen has been my go to track from this, the style he has when rapping is why I love this. It's totally explosive from start to finish and the abrasiveness of the beat adds to this.

14. Road Dog - Dope Body (Natural History)
I listened to this song for the first time whilst drunk and wrote a note to remind me to check it out again, that was a great decision. It's a weird rock song, I love the drumming, the strained vocals and the fun the song has.

13. Kinski Assasin - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Ariel always finds a way to bring out that retro sound and the lyrics "who sunk my battleship/I sunk my battleship" are great.

12. Listen To Us - Home Brew (Home Brew)
This is the anthem of the poor in New Zealand, it's hard hitting and anti government but without it being all American gangster wannabe. "John Key can suck my dick hiding in his mansion/ while half the population flies across the tasman" is where shit gets real and what Home Brew stands for in this song very much comes out. The piano in compliments this track perfectly as well as the samples at the beginning of the track to set the scene.

11. The Full Retard - El-P (Cancer For Cure)
"Pump this shit/ like they do in the future" Space raps for days, the beat is so chill and El-P just floats through with great flow throughout.

10. Wrath Of God - Crystal Castles (Crystal Castles III)
I love the beginning of this song, its slow and creeps around like the sleazy dude early in the night at a party. Then the level lifts with the vocals of Alice Glass which is  when the song really gets going its sure to be a great rave as well as massive live.

9. Open Your Heart - The Men (Open Your Heart)
Its a relentless punk track with some great noise rock guitar sound throughout it, I love how it even when it lets up we get an almost sloppy, noisey solo that stick's with the theme.

8. Molly Ringwald - Danny Brown/Araabmuzik (Song From Scratch Session)
I enjoy most of Danny Brown's stuff, his rapping is so unique and I enjoy it much more when he really starts rapping a little faster and with more aggression. The beat produced by Araabmuzik is unsurprisingly great, making this a nice one off collaboration.

7. Destiny - John Talabot feat. Pional
If this song never finished I wouldn't have a problem with that.

6. Don't Die - Killer Mike (R.A.P. Music)
The aggression in Mike's raps is great and I dig that beat change.

5. Hands On The Wheel - School Boy Q feat. A$AP Rocky (Habits and contradictions)
Its my favourite rap song of 2012 "I fucked her once and I could fuck her twice and you heard me right I might fuck tonight" and "weed and brew" don't sum me up at all but still the laid back fashion this has is nice.

4. Blue Order/New Monday - The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Aufheben)
Album closer of the year, this track is such an immense psychedelic track the flows beautifully throughout and the tortured vocals of Anton Newcombe only enhances this track to make it a favourite of this year for me.

3. Earthforms - Matthew Dear (Beams)
The bass line in this track is one of my favourite parts of this song but what really does it for me is that chorus "I'm right in front of you now, I'm trying to be such a stain" its a pop track that goes a different way but is much more dancey than the rest.

2. Give Out - Sharon Van Etten (Tramp)
This has been a long time listen for me and while Serpents could also be up here I love the emotion and slowness of this song. For one I feel like she presents this song perfectly and its completely believable. Sharon Van Etten has thrown her emotions completely into this song and it shows, the minimal instrumentation in this track makes sure that her voice is forever the focal point.

1. Wasted Days - Cloud Nothings (Attack On Memory)
The first time I heard this was just after the album was released, I hadn't heard of this band but decided to check them out anyway. This track blew me away first listen, I love the bass solo midway through, the aggressive build to the end and the lyrics "I thought I would be more than this". There is no real let up in the listen, its an eight minute ride of emotions in the song that culminates aggressively at the end.

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