Friday, May 17, 2013

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories: The Overrated and Underrated

Before this goes anywhere this isn't a review, after all I haven't even listened to this yet and not sure I want to go near it right now. Most of the time even hyped albums intrigue me enough to give it at least a listen to see what the fuss is all about because I'm not always a believer in certain ratings on music websites. Then there is the new Daft Punk an album which is taking being hyped to another level, the marketing isn't in your face annoying in fact its the opposite, with strategically placed ads during SNL and Coachella. There was never a need for them to do this because once die hard fans get a sniff they'll do the rest for you and in this case they sure have.

Now to the main reason for this post as I listen to the new album by The National (Trouble Will Find Me) is that this album right now for someone like myself (not a die hard fan, but don't dislike the work by any means) is almost not worth listening to. Not that the music will suck or anything just that the hype has almost become too much and left me not caring for this at all. I already have looked at a couple of reviews and comments on facebook about this album which have led me to believe this is how this album will work.

So already we've started making massive calls about this album after just a few days and then at the same time we get this.

But, but I thought this was a masterpiece...

I didn't even read the reviews because the titles alone did enough for me not to bother reading them, this right now is an album that I feel like only die hard fans who really want more Daft Punk should listen to. They'll probably enjoy it no matter what and there's nothing wrong with liking an album from a band you love. The rest of us though should leave it particularly those who had enough of hearing how great it was going to be, so much so that they wish it sucks to annoy those that wouldn't shut up about something they'd never heard.

This has all the makings of being heavily overrated and heavily underrated for at least a few months, until people come back to this album with a clearer head. Then we can figure out why we like or dislike it because it has all the making of being above average and not great or disappointing.
You can't use the hype against the band, its not a bad thing people are excited by them bringing something new out and remember when they hadn't released anything from the album PEOPLE WERE STILL GOING CRAZY FOR THIS!!!!.

PS I'll wait for a while before I listen to this.

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