Monday, December 19, 2011

The 12 Months Of Music: January

January had many great moments for me musically, for the most part it was seeing great bands some that will never grace these shores again. With that being said there were some pretty solid albums that early on, some that are seen as some of the best this year.

Live Shows

First off was Big Day Out which had so many great musical moments, particularly that of LCD Soundsystem a band I love and now aren't together. I wrote a review of my Big Day Out experience here.

The moment that still defines the greatness of Big Day Out this year was when LCD played this song.

Another gig I was at during this time was that of Joe Cocker/George Thorogood, I'm definitely not what you would call a Cocker fan instead went purely for Thorogood. It was a nice show Thorogood was fun, hes a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine the cheesiness of his songs are great so to see him play some of his classic tracks was fun.

I also got the chance to see some of the bands that made my top 50 of 2010 at Laneway Festival at the end of January. It was great seeing such bands as Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffitti, Deerhunter, Foals, Beach House, Warpaint and a few others. Review of it here 


One that seems to be way over with the faggots at Pitchfork is the new album Kaputt by Destroyer an album I just see as pretty good. His songs sound beautiful and while I like them its not as if I'm ever really interested in listening to his stuff.

A band that will be here January of 2012 who I'm almost certainly going to catch is Deerhoof which released Deerhoof vs. Evil an album which just screams consistent Deerhoof, its not anything different in sound but I fan of these guys will definitely dig it.

Cut Copy released Zonoscope which has been one of my favourites this year, after the massively loved In Ghost Colours there was pressure for them to keep up the good work and they have. This was my favourite on that album

Noteworthy bands that released an album were The Decemberists (oh the disappointment), The Go Team (still fun), Ulcerate (NZ Metal reprazint)

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