Friday, December 9, 2011

What To Choose: New Order or Bon Iver?

Now in theory this is a very easy decision, why would anyone wanna pick Bon Iver over the freshly reunited New Order?  well its more because I already have a ticket to one. Bon Iver is playing two shows in Wellington I have a ticket to the first night on February 27 which happens to be the same night as the New Order show in Auckland. A simple solution to this would be to get a Bon Iver ticket to the show on the 28th but if I'm in Auckland then I'll stay another night to see these guys.

Yeah the Black Lips are playing one show in Auckland, I missed them last here in Wellington and now with one of my favourite albums of this year under their belt in Arabia Mountain its even more enticing. While this post started as a decision, while writing this I've already decided who I'm going to see. Those that go to Bon Iver I hope its great, I hope someone will tell me all about it cause I'm definitely willing to miss it over missing a band I didn't realise were even back together until about a week ago and now  I have essentially one last chance to see.

Sure a case can be made about this not being the real New Order with Peter Hook off doing Joy Division shows without the vocalist, guitarist, drummer, but really at this stage fuck Peter Hook.

I ain't missing shit...don't sell out fast!

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