Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Late Album Review: Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde

This is one of a few albums from this year that has fallen through the cracks and I never got round to listening to which is weird cause it wasn't like I didn't hear it was released. Anyway I only just got round to listening to this a day or so ago so its pretty fresh in my mind, I also don't remember reading anything about the album so I don't have any expectations on what its going to be like.

Dye It Blonde is the second album from Indie rock act Smith Westerns, their debut self titled release was a pretty solid album so I was curious to see if there was any jump in quality. The first song on the album Weekend starts with some nice fuzzy riffs and a nice upbeat tempo, once the sweet vocals of Cullen Omori come in the song is really sounding nice. The second song titled Still New is much softer, with a louder riff popping up and having its moments, without the riff the song is a little plain and boring. Back comes the fuzzy guitar sounds and the song is another cracker, the piano adds a nice touch to the overall sound.

All Die Young isw one of my favourite tracks on the album the simple indie rock piece is built around the beautiful soaring vocals throughout the track. What I love about this album the most is just it sounds like a fun album, the sounds are loud and beautiful and the band seem to really be digging what they are producing. While being fairly simple songs they change things up to avoid it all becoming samey with the fuzzy guitar riffs not being overused and the change of tempo throughout the album.

My favourite song on the album is track seven Only One the guitar sounds really nice on this track, the vocals and lyrics connect really well and the emotion Omori produces is spot on to make this really sweet. The album at 35 minutes keeps the group of 3-4 minute indie rock songs at a nice limit and they never really out stay their welcome.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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