Friday, December 16, 2011

The Things Crowds Do

Going to a lot of gigs like I do, you start to notice quirks that some in the crowd do, sometimes it can almost ruin a show for you. Then when I show is either boring or just a shitty support act, the stupidity of those around you can be the only thing that can get you through the the boring 30-40 minute set.

With this in mind I'm going to talk about the shit I've noticed a lot recently at gigs. One, those that really makes me laugh is when someone is leaving their spot during a performance, its bad enough your moving and annoying all those around you. But the real funny part is how people think that if they head bang furiously out of time with the music while staring at you with the "yeah this is awesome" look makes it alright to inconveniently get in the way as you watch the gig.

The amount of times I've seen it is enough for me to laugh at them now cause I really don't care enough that are trying to be cool about it. Another one which is annoying but much more stupid is couples at gigs, this really is only a problem for certain reasons. The major problem I have is the guy always feels like no one is allowed touch them, I don't mean guys going in for the grope (I guess theres a case that he should beat them down) but when people accidentally bump into them. I've seen this more and more at metal gigs, couple take prime position three from the front, band starts and the surge forward does as well, boyfriend gets angry and tries to pick fights with people around him. It usually ends with them going down the back and cuddling while errbody else gets to have fun.

It seems like "awkward" is a popular word to use these days much like all the "the awkward moment when..." lines that popped up recently. Well when I saw Doomriders at San Francisco Bath House the opening act I Exist from Australia were playing, they were more a Hardcore, core in general type of band as opposed to the more hard rock tendencies that the headliner were. Anyway during I Exists set this guy started doing weird windmill kicks and shit, I believe it was hardcore dancing although I'm not totally sure, all I remember is that this dude looked like he wanted to beat everyone up with karate kicks and spinning but he didn't actually touch anyone, more and more we just stared. It did make the band much more tolerable so thank you "dancer".

Finally the last crowd thing  has basically kept me away from the festival cause its certain to be true and that is "bros". No not people of Maori descent, but those singlet wearing, sunglasses frosted tip fags that congregate at New Years festivals such as Rhythm and Vines. I don't think I could take it (even drunk) them saying "bro that was phat, meeeeean bass" for multiple days. I guess the only positive is usually the bands there blow so they deserve each other really.

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