Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Late Album Review: Foster The People - Torches

This album has a weird story attached to it, its pretty hard not to have heard of these guys until now and I had heard but stubbornly I didn't listen. Not cause I was trying to be cool and saying they suck cause everyone likes them but because of how I was told about them. It was 8am on a Friday morning and I got a txt from a friend asking if I had heard the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People, I hadn't but it was 8am and I was planning on getting up at 9. either way I listen but really heard nothing cause I was annoyed about being woken up and essentially boycotted the band on the basis of this...until now.

When I listen to this I feel like its a safe simple sound the band is producing, it reminds me of MGMT but less experimental they aren't trying to push any boundaries with this. On one side that frustrates me that they seem to be a watered down version of them and at times Passion Pit (remember them?). On the other the simplicity of it all works as they are only trying to make a simple and fun indie pop album which they have succeeded in doing.

The album begins with Helena Beat, a nice fun track to start it off and its one of favourites on this album, the beats nice and helps with the simple dance track its built up to be. After this is Pumped Up Kicks a song I was once recommended, I've heard it a few times and I don't know why but I just don't dig it at all. The start reminds me of Gorillaz and the overall track to me is far too much of MGMT for my liking.

Another track I enjoyed was Call It What You Want which I believe is all over the radio now? anyway I do like it's just a little bit weird and isn't quite as safe as Pumped Up Kicks. The biggest mistake you can make with this album is assuming the album revolves around the sound of Pumped Up Kicks I did this to a degree but thankfully for me anyway the album really doesn't sound like it at all. The slower tracks such as I Would Do Anything For You, Miss You and Warrant are still solid in that the songs don't at all change from the overall idea the band is trying to portray.The stand outs for me are Helena Beat, Call It What You Want and Life On The Nickel, the fact they look to be a little different from some of the more safe MGMT/Passion Pit like songs does make it easier.

The album was nice, not too long either but its hard for me to get past the feeling that I've already heard this band before I had even got through half the album. Its safe indie pop with nice synth and definitely some influence from bands who have done something similar over the last few years and that is really the only problem for what is a fairly fun album.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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