Monday, December 12, 2011

Back and Forth

On Saturday TV3 showed the Foo Fighters documentary, now I didn't watch it cause its Saturday night but I had seen it only a few days earlier. This isn't the first time its been shown on free to air television with TV3 also showing it just after the new album Wasting Light came out (review of it here). I admit that I'm not the biggest of fans of this band but at the same time I'm a sucker for a documentary on any band whether I like them or not.

It's weird, I've been pretty critical about this band, not cause I think they suck but because the progression of the band into a far too radio friendly act disappoints me. Dave Grohl seems like a nice enough guy and this again is presented well in Back and Forth, he takes you through everything from the early beginnings of how they got together all the way up until the completion of the latest album.

I really enjoyed the first two Foo Fighters albums, I really enjoyed the raw edge to the music in the early days the production wasn't nearly as squeaky clean as it has become. Everlong to me is one of the greatest rock songs of all time, definitely up there so to think I'm merely a hater then you are mistaken.

A moment that really sticks into my mind was when bassist Nate Mendel decided he was going to leave the Foo Fighters and re join a reformed Sunny Day Real Estate. At this stage the only two from the original were himself and Dave, he made the phone call to which Dave told him to tell the rest of them he was leaving cause he was going to get drunk. Nate rung back the next morning to tell Dave he wasn't leaving anymore and I get the impression the way the band was going it would've ended there. After all when Dave went on tour with Queens Of The Stone Age he later admitted he almost ended the band.

At the end of it I found myself realise that this band had many more ups and downs than I realised.The fact they had this all play out in the public because of the fame Grohl had already garnered made this an even more intriguing watch.

Finally here's a cool documentary on the warm up tour the band did playing in peoples garages, very cool idea!

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