Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Album Review: Septic Flesh - The Great MASS

So it is day 3 of METAL WEEK \m/ \m/ and today I've decided to delve into a genre I used to listen to heavily and that is death metal. I am still a fan of the genre, due mainly to the bands I used to listen to a lot over my metal period, bands such as Cryptopsy, Death and particularly Cannibal Corpse were bands that I dug big time. So this is much like a harp back to the old death metal listening times of the past, hopefully its as good as those times were.

Now to the band, this is the first time I've listened to Septic Flesh and pretty much did so off the back of a recommendation. First impressions on this album are pretty solid to be fair, the album essentially explodes out of the gates with the track apocalypse before mellowing to then lift again. We definitely get a dark feel early in this track, but the most interesting part I feel is the atmosphere the album has already, partially grim, partially demonic (shits the devil music maaaan). During the first track we also get a whiff of the way they use their vocals, partly death metal growls, but also the use of clean and beautiful vocals to show another side to the album.

I do love that this album doesn't just sink into a certain sound and end up as a generic death metal album, someof the melodies on this album are really cool, plus the clean vocals help to portray that even further. The demonic/evil atmosphere is very strong early in the album, but as the cleaner vocals get more and more used the atmosphere dips slightly. A Great Mass Of Death is a to track on this album, it has so many elements to the song that make it incredibly interesting, the slowed down pieces, the multiple types of vocal styles used like the group vocals, clean, death growl and spoken word. The drums are also great on this and are to me anyway the focal instrument on this album.

My favourite track overall is track seven the short (shortest on the album even) at just over three minutes really explodes through at such a powerful rate, the song to me is the most powerful on the album and really shows off the band the best, the track doesn't particularly do anything special merely mixing up the vocal styles to keep the song fairly grim and evil.

One thing you'll definitely notice on this album is that the song are short, they just burst through them with such speed and brutality making this album really fun to listen to. My only gripe would be while I like the clean vocals, at times there's perhaps too much for my liking, thus taking away from the album being even darker and brutal.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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