Monday, June 6, 2011

Songs For The Dead...Untouchable?

No I didn't screw up my Queens Of The Stone Age reference, this has nothing to do with the Josh Homme Band or that they didn't play Wellington this year. Instead this is about a subject that is particularly touchy for some people, you could even say its cold hearted and disgusting to even consider bad mouthing it. The subject in question is songs that are written about the dead, but more importantly songs about the dead that are actually shitty songs.

It would be MAD awkward to go up to someone, tell them the song that they put their heart and soul into, is a shitty song. Not only would they be angry but I'm sure pretty insulted that you've gone out of your way to ruin what is a song they care so much about.

But really, I hate when people write shitty songs about "I wish you were still around" or "come back to life", "I'll never forget you". I think sometimes people that write these do it so they can have people fawn over how nice and sweet the song is, with this in mind I figure they're just as bad as if I told them their song blows.

Now there's some great songs out there that are written for those that are dead, for me my favourite of recent memory is that of He Could Have Laughed from the album "1. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest" this songs is great without being about anyone, of course this is about the musician Jay Reatard, obviously a friend of the band. This song rounds of a great album and for myself anyway is a great way of remembering a guy who not only made great music but definitely left the world far too early.

When I discussed this topic with someone, their immediate response to a good song was the very famous Elton John track Candle In The Wind, which he of course sung at Princess Diana's funeral. This is a song that all parents will love (well maybe not the feral young mothers of Wainui, they probably rock to AC/DC)

So in ending, I don't feel there is a song theme out there that's untouchable, if you write a shit song, its shit, no matter how meaningful it is. Also anyone who writes songs about those that are dead should really be close to them, as it's as much of bad taste as anything to search for success from others without caring for the song.

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