Thursday, June 9, 2011

Live Review: David Dallas Queens Wharf Ballroom Wellington New Zealand

Now after the recent success of David Dallas' new album (free by the way!) The Rose Tint, he announced a couple of album release show, I jumped at the chance to go along and see how good he was behind the mic after a solid release to perhaps get the ball really rolling and perhaps make him a legitimate possibility as a future big time name in the rap/hip hop business.

Now before I actually start reviewing this I have to admit I was struggling the night of this to get into it, I was incredibly tired and if I didn't already have a ticket would've just stayed and slept, thankfully for those that read this review I went. I ended up showing up way too early (this is what happens when faggots don't announce set times) and was greeted to P Money spinning some tunes for those already there (no this is only an R18 gig, we don't have to worry about him getting name suppression again, I'm not going to go there, but remember it happened in Wellington....oops I went there) His choice in songs was alright I guess he played part of Yonkers to which no one in the crowd responded to and even a track off Bastard (can't remember which one though). This went on for a long time, thankfully at probably 11pm we got the first of 2 support acts.

The first act was Audio City which was 3 MC's and 1 DJ (we be gettin down wit no delay) I'm guessing they're a new local act because to be honest they weren't that great, you can see the desire and energy but the problems I had with them was not only did their songs blow but they did a lot of cliche shit. "when I say [insert word here] you say [insert word here]" being the worst of them and they did that two to three times over the 30-45 minute set. Also the guy that was "rapping" fast, dude it doesn't matter how fast you sound if none of the words can be figured out even slightly. Again though you can see they were working hard and really giving it there all but they're just too raw of a group at this stage to be considered as something that could go somewhere.

Next was a bigger name in the NZ hip/hop community in PNC he came out did his thing for about the same amount of time, backed up by P Money he put up a solid performance, myself not being a particular fan of his made me not care too much, but at the end of the day you could at least say it was a polish, experienced and well crafted set. Still though his songs blew bad, won't be looking at seeing him play again.

Now for David Dallas the headline act of the night, backed by the band Fire and Ice (New Zealand's answer to The Roots?) he came out and dominated the stage for his one hour set, playing stuff from his first album and of course his new one The Rose Tint he got the crowd really moving. He spoke inbetween some songs and seemed like a nice guy and he also has found a way to write lyrics of motivation and uplifting spirit in a way that doesn't sound gay as fuck. One particualr part I liked about it was you can see how confident on the mic he really is, songs like Take A Picture and the encore song Caught In A Daze were probably crowd favourites with some (myself included) having only heard the latest release. We also had appearances of Aaradhna performing Turn It Around which he said he'd never played live beforea nice treat for the sold out audience.

Other tracks involved in the set included Til Tomorrow, I Get The Feelin and O.G. single Big Time which the crowd loved. Overall the gig had some flat and boring moments, particularly early on with the supporting artists however David Dallas himself put on a commanding performance and only strengthened his appeal to those that have only started to take notice, he has the potential to go a long way, so good luck and good show.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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