Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jason Kerrison, It's Been An Honour?

Seriously, as soon as I saw this my immediately responses were laughter at how this mustn't have been real, then once I realised it actually was true I just thought it was the dumbest thing to honour someone for. Now this is my first blog written at the request of a reader of this poorly written blog, its almost an honour for someone to ask me to "write" about a requested topic. However the problem is, the topic blows mad dudes and the request was brought on purely to see me make fun of this "musician".

Now the man in question is New Zealand musical superstar Jason Kerrison, from the internationally renowned band Op Shop, a band with critically acclaimed albums and a worldwide following...ok, ok that isn't true, well the New Zealand musician bit is true, but really does anyone still care about this band? The article that is the main sticking point of this blog today is this, Jason Kerrison getting on the list of the New Zealand Order Of Merit, something I've never really cared that much about, but also something that clearly isn't very important or prestigious if it feels the need to honour someone for creating shitty songs that ended up only being useful for NZ ads that weren't any good.

Now do I really rip into his career now?...alright, this is really easy for me, after all hes just a poor mans commercial musician thats made terrible songs with terrible lyrics. He's also a musician that is an example for me of people that like the music they're essentially told to like. Now this idea is one I've thought about for a while and it's really just me thinking that a lot of the radio rock (lets be real thats what Op Shop are) are bands that those that are musically lazy (in the sense that they just listen to whatever is on the radio or what people tell them to like) will eat up the latest track from this New Zealand act.

"One day you'll understand how much you had me" one day people will understand how worthless your music was, how the band and Kerrison are no more better than the next radio band that ends up with 2 or 3 singles that get big on the top 40 charts. Will they also get honoured? no of course not or at least I hope not, cause at the end of the day it would just make the order of merit further worthless than it already is.

Now of course hes been involved in music for 20 years and has done charity work, to me thats great, hes helped raise money off the back of producing music and duping those that don't realise how bad his music is. Finally he's also spent 20 years in the industry he obviously loved, creating shit music and being able to find a way of people thinking it's actually good, very smart, but still very shit.

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