Monday, June 27, 2011

Album Review: Yacht - Shangri-La

Sometimes with all the serious music that's out there you just want to instead listen to some legit fun music? right? to me the new album by Yacht is just in a nutshell a really fun electro induced indie rock album. On the James Murphy record label DFA you can certainly hear an LCD Soundsystem influence in the sound.

Starting with the song Utopia it is known very fast this is going to be upbeat and an enjoyable listen, the bass line is cool, the drums keep it at a good pace and the vocals get you further pumped. This is a great intro while we get a much more synth laden song in Dystopia, with a slower pace to the song its more of a head bobber than a crazy dance track.

The album mixes it up at times, with some cool dance punk like songs ala !!! with I Walked Alone, with the already mentioned Dystopia keeping with the general idea of the album but slowing things down nicely. The vocals of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans are really great throughout the album.

I actually find this album difficult to talk about as its really quite simple, electronic indie music, with some great synth and changes in the tempo of the music. The overall feeling is certainly fun and I definitely felt it was fun to listen to, the slower tracks were perhaps less dancey but oozed coolness from start to finish. Stand out tracks for me were Beam Me Up and Tripped An Fell In Love, both cool and fun all the way through. The rediculous nature of the parts in this song particularly when Claire repeats "burn" a large amount of times before the chorus, plus what isn't cool about a song about being beamed up?

Tripped An Fell in love is my favourite on the album, starting with a simple drum beat, the accompanying synth make it cool as fuck. The longest track on the album at over 7 minutes allows the song to build throughout and while keeping pretty minimal and similar throughout, still has small parts that make the song great.

Overall this is a fun and cool album, definitely close to the most easy to listen to album this year and something that you want to listen to when looking for something that's fun.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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