Friday, June 3, 2011

Somebody Get Me Some Dirk!!!!!

Today's blog was actually going to be my review of the new James Pants album, but instead I've decided to change things up again and talk the other thing I'm obsessed with and that's sports. This isn't sports in general but just Basketball The NBA finals to be exact, with the Miami Heat facing off against the Dallas Mavericks. The Miami heat to me are a team to hate, they contain two of the best players in the league but have gotten the side that they do purely off the back of pushing the salary cap to the limit. 3 max contracts and a bunch of players on league minimums have allowed them to build a strong side, with some players (Mike Miller, Udonis Haslam,etc) taking massive paycuts to get themselves a title.

I feel like they're almost trying to buy the NBA title, something I and obviously a lot of others certainly don't agree with, making them the least favourite side in the league. Dallas are almost a feel good story, a team built around German Dirk Nowitzki, with veteran guard Jason Kidd running the show, this team isn't about the glitz, glamour or having some big stage show to introduce themselves before the season.

Right so the first game went to the Heat and today again being played in Miami it was looking to end up the same way, until the mavs decided to show some heart and d up. What they produced was some of the best basketball of the night, Dirk Nowitzki hitting big shots including a clutch three followed by the game winning lay up after the heat tied it up late. Jason Kidd also pitched in with a huge 3 near the end.

Of course none of this is the real reason I wanted to blog about this, its because of the atmosphere watching the game where I was. I was at the pub with what seemed like a large group of plastic less than a year fans of the Miami Heat including one dude wearing his Lebron shirt. A tr00 Heat fan would get Wade, after all he was drafted there, its essentially his team I don't care what anyone says.

The place went a little quiet as the mavs slowly ate away at the lead, myself and another dude next to me clapped every point scored and every defensive stop hoping for the comeback. The roar from the neutral and Mavs fans when Dirk hit the three was loud, followed by the missed long range shot by Wade with no time left.

So final notes, Miami you can do 10 highlight dunks in one night, but when you don't show up at the stretch it means nothing. Dirk Nowitzki if he isn't a top 30 player of all time then I have no idea who is. Lastly Lebron, if you end up with multiple rings with this team you still won't be seen as one of the greatest, you  had to piggy back onto a team with 2 other all stars it doesn't matter if you dominate the league from now on, you couldn't do it on your own, you'll forever be the guy that had to take the short cut to a ring.

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