Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Album Review: Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts

Another singer from a great band has branched out for a solo album this year, J Mascis did it earlier this year with his album Several Shades Of Why I did a review here obviously it was the strongest of releases as i found it just a little boring, however everything I hated about the Mascis album is not here in this release by Sonic Youth vocalist Thurston Moore. Demolished thoughts is Thurston Moore's fourth album and the first I've given a shit to bother listening to (why? I thought I'd just check it out cause I could) and what he's produce is a pretty nice solo record.

The big positive about this album is its more than just acoustic guitar, in fact its a lot more than just that, with the incorporation of electric guitar, violin and other orchestral instruments. Thurston's lyrics and vocals are soft and powerful these two factors alone make it a stronger release than Mascis' alone and while I don't really want to turn this into a Mascis vs Moore type of thing I feel compelled to look at what Mascis did wrong on his album and notice Moore didn't make the same mistakes.

The subtle instrumental noises that back the acoustic guitar on this album are superb and it keeps away the idea of just waiting for Moore to sing again. With interesting instrumental breakdowns that he has produced you can almost space out and separate from the listening experience and just consume all the small pieces of beauty he has put together into this album. There isn't a stand out track on this album as the songs throughout are pretty solid and do a pretty good job in what he's portraying, also at times the album lacks a little bit of emotion which would've been nice.

Overall this is a strong solo release, a full sound with the acoustic guitar leading the way, but has a strong backing of multiple instruments that add such interest in the album for me anyway. Of course this album is pretty solid and doesn't have a couple of really big songs that could put this up in the top releases. With it being a little samey, its 47 minutes in length makes this slightly long in feeling while not being much longer than your standard album.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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