Friday, May 6, 2011

Album Review: The Antlers - Burst Apart

I've never been a huge fan of The Antlers but was still quite excited for this release after all its The Antlers maaan and it's their fourth release. The trio have produced what I see as a ho hum release, not something to get really excited over but a reminder that The Antlers are still around making solid Indie Rock. If you're a big fan you should really enjoy it, but if you're just a passing fan like myself you probably won't be turning into a big fan but will still something that's decent.

The band keeps to their signature sound, Indie Rock that still touches on post rock, dream pop and even folk. The album starts off on a "nice" note, they aren't trying to shove the album down your throat (unsurprisingly) and it kind of just creeps in, its very slow indie pop in all ways, the slow vibe is quite nice and "chill" the vocals that enter are borderline beautiful in every sense of the word. The minimalism is great and French Exit track 2 adds some nice keys to the overall atmosphere to song. Parentheses adds a jagged garage rock edge in the guitar added to the dream pop vocals brings an interesting combination.

The album seems to be delving into multiple ideas and sounds throughout, No Windows has a more electronic tinge to it, the lyrics of this song seem heartfelt and important while being completely mellow. Again this is nice and all but the album isn't kind of a muddled up mess of songs that sound great and all but don't really form an album too well. This album doesn't show any sense of change and seems like it's dowsing off Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Apart is the albums folksiest track and the bands attempt to rock it up a bit, I don't really dig it, this is more a token track in a sea of mellow slower songs.

My favourite track is near the end in Corsicana it's sweet as a motherfucker, the minimal instrumental arrangement combined with the beautiful as ever vocals with incredible feeling to it all, so sad and as it just fades away the album is near its end. I wish it was the final track as it seems like such an appropriate opener, while the final track Putting The Dog To Sleep isn't bad by any means, I just feel like it isn't as good as the one before the.

The album holds a solid line throughout, nice moments, with the mellow, chill, slow feeling throughout and at only 42 minutes isn't by any means going to put you to sleep.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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