Monday, May 23, 2011

Skrillex, Keeping Up With What The Kids Like?

Before this goes anywhere fans of wub wubber Skrillex might want to stop reading, this won't have much nice things to say about him, or you could continue to read and see I have a point to this all and not just that he blows. The name of this post was either going to be that or Dubstep The New Emo Rock?, because the sudden rise to the genre of Dubstep (bwwuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr be be be bwurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp wub wub wub) has been pretty powerful over the last couple of years, inciting plenty to jump on its bandwagon.

Skrillex is the alias of former emo rocker Sonny Moore who was in the band From First To Last (not one of my favourite bands), he was loved by the legions of emo's the world over, I was at High School at this time, the kids loved him, I didn't. He was one of the poster boys of emo rock, with his crazy hair and eyeliner, well lets just say cliche emo look.

Here's a pic of the great man, ladies wanted him, men wanted to be him, Sonny probably just wanted to slit his wrists because of his popularity (purely speculation).

Now with the sudden rise of a genre with incredibly annoying noises, shitty remixes on youtube that would make any electronic music fan cringe. Out pops Sonny Moore or should I say Skrillex, is it that surprising he's decided to join the latest music craze? again he is now making waves in the Dubstep arena with some god awful music, that makes people comment on it with lines like "Durrrrrty, Filfy Dubstep". It helps of course that those that followed the emo rock craze have moved on to the next fad and have remembered their once loved Sonny.

After listening to Skrillex I'm reminded of why I just can't get into the genre so much loss, the dwuuuurb bwurrrb beow beow wub bwurrrb noises are just terrible, it isn't anything special although "Dat Bass iz phat, doof doof" might think so, but they spend all day cruising.

So to end, Skrillex is making terrible music, he has merely just jumped from one fad to another, his image of a different look compared to others of course helps him, his music isn't progressive for the genre but he seems to be making a career for himself based on what the kids like, smart man indeed. I can't wait to see what the next fad is to see where he ends up next.

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