Tuesday, May 17, 2011

David Dallas Flipping The Bird To The NZ Record Industry?

Now I doubt this actually happened, but with the recent law changes essentially made by the big corporate record companies (and if a recent article would suggest American Government as well) it was very surprising to read David Dallas was to release his album for free is the last thing those record companies would be expecting. Now I've never been big on NZ Hip Hip, cause most of it is unimaginative and boring it also doesn't help that the albums aren't available to "taste test" before buying cause spending $20 on an album based on a single from a genre that in New Zealand really isn't that strong, isn't going to encourage people

To me I can see this album going a lot further than it could've ever had gone now its not only available on the internet, but also for free. Hell I'm listening to this album right now (album review to come), something I wouldn't have done if I couldn't access it for free. What does this mean for NZ Music? well hopefully it means more than just the unsigned indie bands are going to release albums for free, David Dallas didn't do anything revolutionary here, plenty of indie bands have released their albums for free on Bandcamp, but this is a statement to the record companies in NZ that someone who did have at least a small social celebrity presence in NZ has decided to release his album for free.

Some might point out he's signed with American label Duck Down Music, but New Zealand will still be a huge market for himself, so to release this for free was refreshingly good, whether the album is actually any good. Hopefully those in New Zealand take notice, not that you should just move to America if you want success, but releasing the music for free could lead to success for the artist in more ways than a handful of records sold and being gone just as fast as you hit the scene. The exposure this album has been getting (over eight thousand downloads in the first 24 hours of the release) can only be a positive, if this album becomes successful then I'm sure some people will hope there will be a physical copy for those  that are like myself who still cherish a CD or vinyl. Not to mention the potential to play sold out gigs in New Zealand and the world, cause people are now listening.

To End, Big Ups David Dallas I hope the albums a success for you!

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