Monday, May 16, 2011

Gig Etiquette, Nig You Gon Get Pushed

Now this topic I completely forgot about, considering its been a while since I've seen someone get angry over getting pushed at a concert but this article about someone getting attacked at the Katy Perry concert in Wellington this week brought back memories of things similar. Now my initial thoughts were was I was at work and saw the pic and immediately thought it was someone who got their ass kicked at the Disturbed, Trivium, As I Lay Dying gig which took place recently. When I got to the headline and read part of the story I burst into laughter, not because someone got hurt (I'm not condoning violence here) but the fact that of all gigs where someone got hurt and a small brawl took place, a Katy Perry concert to me seemed like the least likely of places  for this to take place.

Now what does this remind me of? well have you ever been at a gig and people have gotten really angry with you because you've bumped into them? it usually happens when everyone surges forward, a lot of the time you can't stop but being pushed forward so seems pretty stupid to be at fault. Now its even worse when guys take their girlfriend and have taken position in a great spot close to the front and in the centre, when people start pushing they feel like being a big tough guy and try "protect" their gurl. Have these people never been to a gig before? cause nigger you gon get pushed when you take up a position so close to the front, if you don't want to get pushed, take a seat or stand right at the back.

The first time I saw this was when I saw Iron Maiden, my mates were "attempting" to mosh (poor effort really) during one of the warm up bands and accidently bumped into some faggot with his girl, he threatened he'd beat them up. When Maiden came on his close to the front and centre position wasn't great for him, a huge surge to the front ended with him quickly getting out no more than 30 seconds of Aces High the first track of the set.

At the end of the day people on the floor are going to get bumped into you, most of the time it isn't even their fault so to threaten to attack them or as happened to the lady at the Katy Perry experienced get the beat down put on them is completely ridiculous and flat out stupid. I really do wish that one day those people that attacked his lady end up accidently bumping into someone and realise its not always intentional or even better someone knocks these people get KNOCKED TO THE GROUND AND HAVE TO LEAVE so they know how it feels to miss a gig.

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