Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May - The Redundant New Zealand Music Month

Yeah it could've been Big Ups Tuesday, but fuck that cause it's NEW ZEALAND MOOSIK MUMF, you know that month where poor commercial New Zealand bands usually get more attention than usual which is a shitload more than they ever deserved. It's a way for NZ On Air to attempt to get people going to the bands that somehow got the undeserved government funding.

Thankfully there are still some cool bands playing this month and now locating to the city I might be able to check some of them out. Unfortunately I missed out on David Kilgour last week and am unsure if I'll make it to Shayne Carter later in the week  although I'm not his biggest fan so it isn't a huge loss. I'm looking set to check out rock band Beast Wars on Saturday night who seem from the track I've heard and what others that have heard more have said it should be a great show and strong release.

Once again in May I'm more excited for an overseas band coming here and that's Cut Copy (will review it) near the end of the month. Last year it was Frank Turner which was amazing, included meeting him (nice guy by the way!). It's very rare that I go see NZ bands and unsurprisingly its not during this month as not every band use this month to try get people going to their shows.

Now don't get me wrong I thought the idea of this when first started was great, but I just don't see the use in this anymore if it isn't targeting the smaller bands looking to rise and not the bands with one hit trying to regain some popularity. With this in mind and the yearly show announcements during this month from bands of the Midnight Youth, Scribe, Savage, Hollie Smith ilk it seems to be a waste of time now. I'll go see Jakob outside of May (playing in June) and a bunch of new interesting local bands throughout the year as May shouldn't be a force feed of NZ music whether its the good or the bad.

P.S. Someone design a new t shirt the stupid target needs to changed, to anything you'd think something better could be made by now.

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