Thursday, May 26, 2011

Album Review: Liturgy - Aesthethica

Dear Sorbo

you call yourself a music blogger but haven't at any stage reviewed an album from the best genre in the world, METAL \m/ \m/

stop being a pansy bitch and review a REAL ALBUM

have a metal day

from hendrixthebest666

So I got this message and realised that I hadn't really acknowledged METAL at all on this blog, its weird I used to be such a metalhead...well sort of, I had all the metal shirts, went to the shows and listened to mostly metal. One problem is there isn't a lot of metal worth reviewing right now, now of course Pridmordials new album is out, I'll get to that eventually, but what did you want me to review? new Protest The Hero!?!?, no you can't put me through that. So to the album review, this is the fourth album by the black metal act Liturgy, I'm not the biggest of black metal fans around more because there's a fair amount of loss that surrounds the small quality albums out there.

Before I got to a first listen I was told great things about this release so my expectations were very high, thankfully this exceeds everything I had expected as it wasn't to me a stock standard black metal album. For a start the production is really nice, this one isn't trying to be too tr00 with shitty production instead the album is much smoother and lets the instruments flourish. The instruments on this album certainly do flourish, with it giving off an incredible prog metal vibe, the noodly guitars are something you get hit with a lot of this album.

While this is cool it takes away from any possible atmosphere the album might wish to include, I love atmosphere in my music particularly heavier music ala Sunn O)))'s Black One which has atmosphere that gives you such incredible visual images through their music. Again the prog guitars and occasional moment of classic metal blocks this and hark back to bands like a much metaler Rush or even Black Sabbath. Early in this album you get a strong blast of black metal with strong screams, powerful blast beats and some "in your face" guitar work and as this album progresses so doth the sound. The Early parts of Veins of God remind me of Black Sabbath, these ideas make this album very awkwardly sounding, but the way they make it sound gets it all to work. The final track Harmonia the end track is by far my favourite, after the chanting interlude the album explodes with all its heaviness to put to rest anyone thinking this isn't a strong release.

Overall its a strong and intriguing album, not that I expected, this is long winded with prog moments that keep you pining for what they shall come up with next, with incredible instrumental workings and a strong vocal presence when needed, this album is a metal listeners dream and something you will (hopefully) end up listening to a lot.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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