Monday, May 30, 2011

J Williams, Cashing In On Beating His Girl?

Now some of you might have read about Jay Williams the NZ hip hop star..? I don't know if he's a star, I haven't heard a song and hadn't heard of him before I read an article about the incident that made him blog worthy, guessing I'm out of date with what the kids are listening to. The incident in question is from this article  sadly I didn't even flinch when I saw this article, more because I couldn't give a shit about this guy and after reading didn't think very highly of him at all.

To my surprise I read he was an ambassador to the Rugby World Cup, I already think this idea is ridiculous and that hes just as relevant to rugby as another ambassador, former rugby league star and forever a rugby hater Reuben Wiki (nice research whoever chose the ambassadors, DICK!). Do we want hip hop d listers going round trying to encourage people to watch New Zealand's most popular sport? I doubt many of these kids even know who he is, lucky them.

Now to the main idea of this post and that is Mr Williams cashing in on his discretion. Already he has done something incredibly wrong in beating his girlfriend, something that is fuckin disgraceful. Someone should give him a beat down or better yet beat down and later thrown in prison, this might sound harsh but that's how I roll. What made this worse was the fact he wrote her a song when trying to get her back in his life, now the premise of this I don't mind, he's a singer, there's a good chance he speaks better through music. But to release it and essentially make money off this is ridiculous in every way,  its bad enough what he's done but to then use it in a way to make money no matter how sincere the song is makes it merely a tacky and heartless way of cashing in.

This is the song in question, which funnily enough is his hit single, I'm sure now that people know what that its about will feel less for this song. This song has also helped him receive a Pacific Music Award but don't worry they talked to him and found out he was "remorseful, very aware of his responsibility and very aware that there was a public that required more from him." what is he remorseful for? that people found out what he did? he wrote a song that made him money that was about all the wrong things? or that his win has essentially taking any of the awards spotlight away from the other winners because he has it for all the wrong reasons?

No matter how you look at it all, as a person J Williams shouldn't be respected, now that it has come to light he used his indiscretion to cash in, he shouldn't be respected as a musician either and I hope he never sees another NZ On Air cent.

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