Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Album Review: Cults - Cults

Another day, another post today it's on the new (and debut) album by indie pop band Cults. I've always thought cults were bad ass, not that I've ever been in one or really want to be in one, but the idea of them seemed cool, plus hilarious when you have groups of idiots like the KKK and religious groups that end up doing a group suicide. The band originated as a two piece consisting of Brian Oblivion (Guitar, Vocals) and Madeline Follin (Vocals) and has now developed into a five piece band.

This album isn't trying to be something elaborate, crazy, over the top, it's merely a pretty solid indie pop album for fans of the genre. The album starts off pretty well with the track abducted incorporating soaring guitar work after a slow start to the album giving people a feel of what to expect, the tempo is strong and positive. After this is the already released Go Outside which fans of Cults pre album days would've heard on the EP also a self titled release.

Go Outside was the best track on that small EP and again it is the same on this album, the vocals are sweet and the lo fi elements add another dimension to the song. The xylophone solo is pretty sweet, another interesting element to the overall song. This album reminds me at times of retro pop tracks, Most wanted does this pretty well, the vocals, the simple beat, the lyrics even do this so well. The xylophone element continues later in the album with the song Never Heal Myself, its cool, but less cool and doesn't really need to be incorporated in this, thankfully it isn't as relative as the earlier track so's to avoid it being a rip off of the earlier song.

I feel the biggest let down on this album is its a little samey, but that's because this band seems to stress simple indie pop tracks. With this in mind the real reason this is cool is the vocals, mainly of Madeline Follin whose sweet voice is for me anyway the highlight of the album.

Overall this isn't an album that shall blow you away, its simple as fuck and won't be talked about in a year, but it is a nice release with cool vocals and at times some interesting elements in the music itself. Which makes this a fun indie pop album for the fans, definitely worth a few listens.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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