Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Upcoming Gigs

It's been a while since I've seen some bands (MF DOOM the last gig I went to), I turned down checking out Yellowfever a couple of weeks back although it would've been a fun gig I'm not devastated I missed this. The gigs I have got lined are;

Cut Copy May 25 San Francisco Bath House, Wellington

I've been pretty pumped about this gig for a while, I'm a huge fan of In Ghost Colours and Zonoscope is such a strong release to back up what really was a break through album, having never seen them before and hearing really good things this shall be a great night. Really looking forward to hearing Out On The Ice, my favourite track from these dudes, but no matter what they play I'm going to enjoy.

David Dallas June 4 Queens Wharf Ballroom, Wellington

If you regularly hit the blog you will know I'm quite the fan of the new David Dallas album, hot after the release of this was the announcement of shows, having never seen him and the ticket price being only $15 I jumped at the chance to check him out, should be a fun and interesting show to see how this album holds up in a live sense.

Jakob June 11 San Francisco Bath House, Wellington

Back to the bath house for a band I've seen a little bit of live, Jakob who are an incredible post rock back from New Zealand. I caught the end of there set in Auckland over a year ago when going to see Isis (good show by the way!) I only caught the end because it took me 30 minutes to find where the fuck the venue was, what I heard was very interesting, once I got the albums I was blown away with how great this 3 piece is, can't wait to get in a full show after the stresses of my first exam.

Helmet June 19 Bodega, Wellington

Of all bands I gave up on seeing, Helmet were on the list, when I saw this announced I wasn't even excited or sure I'd go to this, after all its pretty much a glorified solo project now. However after reading some positive reviews of recent shows and that a fair amount of O.G. stuff gets played this really has to be a gig I get to.

Doomriders July 20 San Francisco Bath House, Wellington

I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of Doomriders but the prospect of seeing them at such a cheap price at less than $25 makes this a "why not?" situation and so I'll definitely be attendance to this one, hoping the place is packed out for a Wednesday night gig, I'm sure many a beers will be consumed and a strong rock show to be had.

Big Boi August 25, Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland

One of my favourite albums last year was the Big Boi solo album Sir lucious Leff Foot, Son Of Dusty Chico, so to hear he was playing his first ever show in New Zealand I was a definite to attend, unfortunately its in Auckland which means travel costs, but this will happen.

Hopefully this doesn't sell too well and  gets moved to the Powerstation in the city, cause last time I went to this venue to see Megadeth/Slayer (good gig by the way!) it took two buses (from the airport) to get there, missed connection bus meaning an hour in the roughest part in Auckland, being one of only two white people there, walking in on someone doing something illegal (I walked into the toilets at maccas and the dude in there said "oh shit almost got snapped") then once getting onto our connection bus a school of intellectually handicapped people hopped on making this an hour bus ride from hell without even knowing if we were on the right bus.

Yeah...this should be an amazing gig though!

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