Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorbo Gets Brape Or Blope Or Whatever

This is a music blog right? right? fuck that shit, this has been hijacked to talk about another love of mine and that is Football (Soccer for those aren't cultured like myself) in the early hours involved Manchester United leading the league by only 3 points versus Chelsea (the team in 2nd) at Old Trafford. The Build Up was tense with only two games for each after tonight, Manchester dropped points against Arsenal the week before and while winning mid week against Schalke in the Champions League semi final, that tie was over before the 2nd leg. 

Could a fan of United dream of a greater start to the match? no after a great ball from the tireless Park Ji Sung, Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez put United up one nil with a calm finish past Cech. The small but vocal crowd went up as one in the pub, sensing that number 19 was a whole lot closer. Chelsea were shell shocked and United went in for the kill, you could see they wanted this more than Chelsea and the goal to captain Nemanja Vidic was a prime example of this, forcing his way in front of Branislav Ivanovic to score with a strong header.

Again the crowd went up, it was almost like people didn't think this was actually happening and at barely over 3am United had all but wrapped up the match and the title. Funnily a trio of people walk in to see their beloved Chelsea down 2 nil, one might've been more an Arsenal fan as he asked the bar tender what the Arsenal result was "3-1 Stoke" "Your fuckin kidding me, your fuckin kidding me" "I don't joke about results"

As we know the rest is history, the small group of Chelsea fans thought abusing the United players the whole time would make their team look better unfortunately even with the Frank Lampard goal they fell short. Manchester United are now just 1 point away from title 19.

Oh and one side note, the weird Indian dude that looked like a heavily aged Kumar from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle was hilarious, waiting until mid way through the second half to ask someone next to him which team was which and who was winning, not just that he referred to Chelsea as "the blacks". He also liked saying wonderful a lot, like 3 times after each shot whether it was good or not, dude was fucked up, but hilarious as I didn't have to deal with him.

I leave you with this;

Dear Liverpool supporters

For years whenever someone talked about Manchester United's dominance, you would come back to the glory days of long long ago, unfortunately having the 2nd most league titles isn't the best and it's time to either win something or stfu.

Yours sincerely
The rest of the football world.

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