Friday, May 27, 2011

Live Review: Cut Copy San Francisco Bath House Wellington New Zealand

It's been a while my blog reading friends, MF DOOM the last in fact, but thankfully Cut Copy took place Wednesday night to end the gig drought. Was this gig worth the $45 ticket price? a resounding yes is the answer with the Australian Synth Pop, electro rock, dance pop whatever you wanna call them act playing their first club show in New Zealand at the very nice (but smallish) San Francisco Bath House (capacity of about 500). The change in venue size must've been interesting for the band coming off playing Coachella festival recently to a massive crowd.

Before Cut Copy we had the warm up act Ruby Frost to start us off, having never heard any of her music I didn't know what to expect but she was really cool. She reminded me of Zola Jesus at times, particularly in the vocal style and interesting music that backs her. The synth combined with drummer and David Farrier look a like was superb, the crowd that had showed up early seemed to really dig what she was doing, definitely interested in checking this band out again live.

Now for Cut Copy who we were all here to see, the gig was sold out and I had heard really good things about the live show and what hit us was a dance music explosion. The band mainly played tracks from arguably the top 2 (of 3) albums In Ghost Colours and the newest album Zonoscope, with tracks like Lights and Music, So Haunted, Hearts on Fire from In Ghost Colours really getting the crowd into this. While Take Me Over, Where I'm Going, Pharoahs & Pyramids, Corner Of The Sky from Zonoscope being standouts during the set.

Now what I really enjoyed about how these dudes performed was the fact they showed not only they wanted to be there, but the enjoyment and energy from the band was incredible. The crowd responded with similar energy on the floor, with an incredible atmosphere to be involved in. Moments that took the energy of the place to the next level were the instrumental breakdown on So Haunted and the chorus on Hearts on Fire, everyone in the place was going mental by this stage. Not only the musical parts were amazing but Tim Hoey the guitarist of the band was at times a man possessed with his insane dancing with maracas during a track and him incorporating not only a drum stick to help play his guitar but also the speakers, really showing a strong desire to give it everything.

Now I've left a couple of tracks off that should get a mention, those were part of the encore performance, the crowd certainly showed their desire to hear more and the band came back on and played two songs for us. Those were the single of the latest album Need You Now, my favourite song on In Ghost Colours and my favourite song from the bands catalogue Out There On The Ice, bands playing your favourite song is always a real treat, LCD earlier this year, Sufjan did the same and now Cut Copy. I made my feelings of how great this was of them to do when I got the chance to meet the guitarist Tim as I was watching the end of the State of Origin match later that night, he was a very nice guy and very appreciative of my comments about the band during our chat.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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