Thursday, July 14, 2011

Album Review: Cut Hands - Afro Noise I

This is a weird one for me, I have no idea who Cut Hands are and when looking it up I found very little about this band (I didn't look very hard to be fair). The onoly knowledge I really have is that this albums genre according to Media Player was Noise, interesting but as I listened this was an experimental, instrumental noise band with some cool ideas.

The only other instrumental album I've listened to from this year is the Psychich Paramount's new one, which I thouyght was pretty explosive and cool. This album though to me is much more intriguing and experimental, looking into all thoughts of different sounds in creating this. The dark sounds that begin in this album are quite cool, the atmosphere of the album is strong already and the multiple layers on offer give this a strong start.

The album then becomes almost frantic with the track Stabber Conspiracy, the drum beat is really good and keeps the pace up well with it being the only sound on offer. This album is very dark and early the its almost exclusively drums that have been on here until track 4 Nzambi Ia Lufua which is such strong sharp sounds, not the most tolerant for your ears either. That track is almost used as an interlude with the drums continuing to shine again after this, the more I listen to the drums the more I feel a tribal like influence in the drum sound.

The second half of this album is where I enjoy it just a little bit more, the album starts to develop a more electronic heavy sound as opposed to the drum heavy sounds before this, the beats are much more electronic and the noise aspect is far more apparent. My favourite track on this album is Ezili Freda, to me its the closest thing to the two ideas that are used in this coming together, the noise and electronics are strong while the drums back this all up perfectly.

Overall this is a solid noise album, if you're into electronic instrumental music as well as drum heavy music this could be your thang. For myself anyway I got a little bored of it all, the ideas in this are great, its just I didn't really dig it that much.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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