Friday, July 15, 2011

Album Review: Lil B - I'm Gay

So I've finally given in and listened to a Lil B album, I heard about this album when it dropped and some people were loving it. Before this the most exposure I'd had with this is someone linking it to me as much as someone might try to Rick Roll someone, I never listened. Just before this album I listened to this song and immediately assumed that he really blew, although since listening to this its been an improvement (thank god)

Now Lil B is one of these dudes from the young new crew of hip hop with dudes like Odd Future and Wiz Khalifa also making names for themselves. Lil B has used things like twitter and Myspace to build his following, getting him the hype and praise from working hard. This album starts with some great head bobbin hip hop beats, B puts over some solid rhymes and is definitely shopwing some reasoning to the praise he has gotten in the past.

This album isn't overly great, instead the songs are just really solid in every aspect, beats, rhymes and delivery. One of the better tracks is Unchain Me, B definitely rapping about life and making it in the business, a fairly tr00 song about himself really doing a great job on this one. I'm trying really hard to see why people are so in love with this album as its not breaking ground whatsoever, the albums flows aight and I feel like Lil B is doing such an effortless job but the album lacks a lot of explosiveness in every aspect. I feel like hes rapping within himself and not giving his all, now I might be wrong but theres really nothing on this album that can get you excited about him.

Overall this is a "nice" album its a decent rap album and very listenable, but it doesn't cath your attention in the slightest, the songs are pretty forgetful quickly and while some might be seeing this as a strong release I'm struggling to find any part of this that will draw me back into later listens.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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