Friday, July 29, 2011

Album Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars - Lenses Alien

I have been criticised for reviewing too many obscure indie albums on here, thats not really my intention as I usually don't know the genre of albums until just before I listen as I've usually never heard of the band. Hell if more non obscure bands released albums for me every week I probably wouldn't bother reviewing these obscure ones at all. Anyway this is the second album from the indie band Cymbals Eat Guitars, the band is from New York.

To start the album its something I don't usually expect from an indie band, that might be because its not your usual hipster faggot indie rock but more of an emo rock sound (tr00 emo rock, not that faggot fad shit). The track (Rifle Eyesight) is the longest on the album and while it starts as something pretty standard it evolves later in the track with more exploring guitar sounds, it sounds much more reckless and off the cuff but at the same time keeps with the track but fading out. All that happens in the first 3 minutes of the track and the song again picks up to some much more standard stuff, its like a new song has started. This song is like or 4 songs in one, weird idea but still solid stuff.

After something something so over the top the rest of the album is a bit of a let down in comparison. Obviously they haven't chosen to continue this formula have instead gone and resorted to some much simpler emo pop rock stuff which is pretty nice sounding. The guitar work is very refined and carries songs Shore Points, Definite Darkness and Secret Family. The guitar is very simple on these tracks, while we get the track Keep Me Waiting with the really cool, sloppy riff through the song that makes it really fun toi listen to. There are also darker sounds coming from this particularly from Plainclothes and The Current which had its metal sounding screeches to start the song and the eerie background throughout. To me while its more or less a simple song, Secret Family is my favourite song, the lyrics are so well thought out and sung, you can hear the emotion coming from the words even more when it all slows down at the end, a really nice effort.

As the rest of the album is much less spectacular and different as the album opener I have said much less sa its much less memorable. All the songs are actually quite nice and sound cool and all, but the album lacks any real punch that could make this a really strong album. The strained vocals at times are quite cool and the guitar does such a good job on this album at leading you through songs. At 39 minutes this isn't too long and before you get bored of what they're doing its over, solid album just not at all spectacular.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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