Thursday, July 28, 2011

Album Review: Girls Names - Dead To Me

This is the second album by Indie rock act Girls Names, I never did listen to this bands first or hear about this album until recently but decided to give it a go. Why you might ask? well its because I had nothing better to review and it was at the top of my new albums I had downloaded and the results of the listens changed as it went on.

During the first listen I found this album to be pretty standard retro indie rock sounding, I don't mind the retro sound but thought this was a little too retro sounding. I also felt it had nothing different to what had been done to give it a "Girls Names" difference. However after further listens I notices more and more influences in this album, you can hear similarities to those of the Black Lips new album Arabia Mountain (which I love), but it the retro sound is also influence by surfer rock which I thought was a cool touch.

I really like the monotonish vocals in the album, the vocalist tries to sound a little bored at times and the sound thats produced is pretty nice. The instrumentation on this album is very minimal and simple sounding, its good, not great but gives the album a solid backbone to work off. I found myself bobbin my head to many of these tracks, they seem very pleasant and this had the makings of a solid summer album and you definitely get a summery feel from the songs.

There is however problems I have with this album, I found it just a little too repetitive, to the point where I was bored. Singular songs or a group of songs in small doses are great but listening to this album as a whole isn't so fun, even if it isn't exactly long. Another massive problem is this album sounds exactly like the Crystal Stilts album from earlier this year, but a watered down one, shame really I did like that album. There is however songs worth checking out many times like the sadder and slower Kiss Goodbye and album opener Lawrence.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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