Friday, July 8, 2011

DVD Review: Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage

Now this movie was released in cinemas last year, it didn't make it to New Zealand which was a shame as I'm quite the fan of Rush. Rush, Moving Pictures, 2112 and Farewell To Kings to me are classic albums, some of my favourites of all time so to see this documentary on the band would be an interesting a fun watch. I had also already read a book on the bands career a few years back, so I had a decent knowledge on the band already which made understanding this a lot easier.

One of the first parts you notice is that this dvd is really well made, Sam Dunn who did the Iron Maiden Flight 666 and Metal A Headbangers Journey made this one and again its spot on. The artists that are talked to in this thing are some of the biggest names in rock, Mike Portnoy, Billy Corgan, Kurt Hammett, Danny Carey, Trent Reznor is just a taste of the musicians that talked about why they love this band.

The dvd takes you all the way back to the start of the band, before Neil Peart was even in the band, it discussed the early years of Alex, Geddy and Neil. It showed what the band went through in the early years, playing in a small room for $10. Without telling you everything that happens in this dvd I'll try to just give you a general idea of what is being shown in this instead. The bond between Geddy and Alex shows why this band has been around for so long without any real hint of a breakup. Neil's tough period after the loss of his daughter and then wife, they also delve into the lengths it took for the band to comeback from that.

With such a large amount of albums, the movie still talks about every album, anything of note that took place, a change in producer, a change in sound and arguments between band members that may have taken place in the recording process. This movie finds a way to get in every piece of interesting material helping the viewer to get to know the band, a band that definitely isn't one that's ever been commercially popular or in the public eye.

Overall to me this a fine movie a fan of Rush will love this, a fan of rock music would also like this and with it so well made and easy to follow even just a fan of music and learning about a band they have never heard of will atleast appreciate the band that has achieve so much. As Geddy Lee put it in the movie "I always like to consider us the worlds most popular cult band"

Overall Review: 9.5/10

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