Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sorbos Top Album(s) Of All Time: Pixies - Doolittle, The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Give It Back!

Sorbo Speaks hits 100 blog posts, never did I think I would get to 100 without at least skipping a few days but I haven't. I started this blog to put my opinion on all types of music out there, whether it be the good albums or the incredibly bad. Sometimes this blog has offended people like the Adele and Skrillex blogs, this merely proved that someone was willing to read this thing. As this is my 100th post I thought I should do something really cool for the post, I asked people on Facebook but got very little suggestions, that's either because people don't give a shit (fair enough) or I still have no fans (that's cool). In the end I decided to put the two albums that are far and away my favourite of all time into one blog, these albums are Pixies Doolittle and The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Give It Back!. I've been asked more than once before about which album is my favourite of all time and I usually just say Doolittle, then quickly say ah Give It Back! is my favourite as well.

So what I love about both albums is they both posses some of my favourite songs from each band. Pixies have so many great tracks, but the elite tracks from the band such as Debaser (my favourite track by the Pixies in general), Hey, Gouge Away, Monkey Gone To Heaven are all incorporated in this. TBJM have it similar as well with tracks like Servo (fo lyfe), Satellite, Super-Sonic and The Devil May Cry (Mom and Dad Don't).

Another part I love about both is how well the album is set up, the run of songs by both albums is really strong. The songs seem to flow effortlessly and at the same time bring something new to album whether it be the 5 song run to start Doolittle, while incorporating the loud quiet loud vocal style. On Give it back the tempo of the album changes from song to song, the psychedelic guitar sounds are magic and keep the album together and the last 4 songs on the album do such a great way of slowly phasing the album out.

I've always found it to pick one over the other, Doolittle has so many really amazing songs and a couple of below par ones (well really Silver, Dead is just borderline decent for me). While Give It Back flowed perfectly and has no a single bad song, only a few are fantastic with Servo's flowing guitar sounds and the general sadness that comes from The Devil May Cry.

As it stands I can't see one beating out the other, they'll both be at the same level for me and really only something remarkably great would be able to eclipse these albums as my favourite.I could probably go into more detail about these albums but I generally just like almost everything about these albums so theres very little reason to try go in depth.

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