Monday, July 4, 2011

Album Review: Washed Out - Within And Without

This album got some fairly early hype with the early release of the track Eyes Be Closed, which was incredibly cool and even just a little too early for me in giving us a taster, after all its been a couple of months since then. What then happened was I had completely forgotten the new album was dropping around now and a lot less interested at what was to be heard.

One thing you will definitely notice throughout this album is how laid back and chill this thing is, this isn't like those faggy, laid back Sunday compilation discs you can get but instead a well crafted electronic chillwave album that is very mellow. The first track is a different version of the early release Eyes Be Closed, the intro to this song reminds me of this track, don't worry I won't hold it against them though. This song does such a great job in setting up what is a really pleasant and easy album to go through, very effortless sounding with the soft vocals topping it all off.

Another feature of this album is it isn't just squarely stuck in the chillwave genre, this album looks into synth pop and with tracks such as Echoes and Amor Fati give a extra aspect to the album. What I like about the addition of synth pop is that it avoids the album from becoming a little stale, the beats are heavier and the vocals have a little more freedom. My favourite track on this album would have to be Far Away, it mixes the synth pop and chillwave elements pretty well, the beat is very pronounced throughout the track, the other instrumentations on this song also work as nice addition sound, the vocals are incredibly sweet sounding to make it easy for me to pick as my favourite. The album has a great run of chillwave songs that end this album from tracks 6 to 9, this is like they're phasing the album out on us and it definitely works well.

Overall this is a good album, if there is any criticism it isn't great but merely good, the songs are very well done and should be a must listen for those that dig easy listening types of stuff, or even synth pop/chillwave fans. This really is a well made album and can put you in a daze pretty easily, good stuff from these dude, very enjoyable.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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