Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Album Review: The Wax Museums - Eye Times

Its very rare that I listen to punk albums, I mean I was never into a lot of the classic stuff, Sex Pistols did nothing for me The Ramones were prett meh overall and I was basically only really interested in The Clash. I haven't listened to the Clash or any real tr00 Punk in so long, so this album interested me as to how punk albums sound today.For anyone that still preaches that "Punk isn't dead!" can stfu cause its been pretty dead for a while, nothing new and influential has been released in so long causing its death.

This album first and foremost to me is quite fun the songs are classic punk in length, with almost all of them less than two minutes you'll definitely get some quick punk songs with some pretty cheesy lyrics. I feel like some of these songs aren't fast enough, they just meander along early in this album. The barely over a minute track Between is one that certainly picks the album up and really tries to shove some old school revival punk down your throat, does a pretty solid job as well.

As I don't take this album overly seriously, I have fallen for a few tracks which to me just seem like really fun songs, Between was one of them and another that is really quite cool is Sunburn. Its another of the faster tracks but its quirky song matter (pretty much sunburn) makes it pretty nice to listen to. I do love that they have distanced themselves from the classic punk content, no one really cares about that shit no more anyway...

With there being 13 songs and only 2 over 2 minutes it was going to be a short listen, at just over 21 minutes is comes as an advantage. The album if it was much longer would probably lose any fun it had with it becoming boring really fast. The album overall isn't special but does produce some fun punk songs and fun topics.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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