Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Song Battle, Songs Of The Same Name

So I am going to attempt to do a few of these cause obviously theres a lot of songs out there by different artists witht the same name. I'll give my opinion on what one I prefer and if you wish comment below on the songs you prefer and ownership of the song name.

Song battle one: Come Together

The Beatles


Primal Scream
Verdict: Both tracks are from classic albums and arguably the best album each band made (Beatles - Abbey Road, Primal Scream - Screamadelica). The Beatles track is one of the most famous and a truly strong song from the discography and the bass guitar is really nice sounding to go with the vocal performance , while Primals track just flows so nicely for sucha a long period. Its hard to decide because both are great tracks but for me its The Beatles.

Song battle two: Ice Cream



Verdict: Battles track is the best from the new album and the intro is cool/hilarious (seriously it sounds like gay sex) and the overall song is fun. While the Raekwon track has a chill beat and the rapping is really tight on this one. Again tough, this one to Raekwon.

Song battle three: Family Tree

The Black Lips


TV On The Radio
Verdict: One track has some great energy in the Black Lips one and Coles vocals are really great to go with the psych/retro indie guitar sound. While TV On The Radio have a slow beautiful song that shows off emotion and to me this is the difference, TV On The Radio win.
Song battle four: Honey

Best Coast - Honey


Matthew Dear - Honey
Verdict: A battle of 2010 songs in this matchup. While this song by Best Coast doesn't differ much from the others on Crazy For You, its still a strong track and Beths vocal tone goes really well with the slow booming drums and the sadness that drips from the song. Matthew Dear too has some sadness in his song, but in a much different way, an incredibly slow intro to this song, the minimal beat that backs Dear is really cool and Dears vocal effects work well. Matthew Dear for this one.

Aight so heres what I thought of these songs being matched up, now obviously some come from different genres so simply what song do you prefer? If you have any songs with the same name by aoll means comment below on them and I might put them in the next one.

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