Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Days 5 Songs Stuck In My Head

Just another week on the blog, thank fuck its over I've kind of been in a weird music listening mood this week. Barely being able to finish albums and just listening to a bunch of random tracks some of the time connecting to a video I had seen. I've also had 5 different songs stuck in my head this week one for each day conveniently so I've decided to make a post on each of these songs. Usually when they get stuck in my head I relentlessly listen to the song, sometimes a few times back to back for a while.

Anyway here it goes;

Monday's song: The Black Lips - Bicentennial Man  
(no youtube link)
Anyway I barely got to the end of this album this week, again I was struggling to finish any albums but for some reason I skipped to this track and I had it in my head while at work. I whistled it and sung the chorus a few times while no one was around.

Tuesday song: Foo Fighters - Everlong
"Hey maaan you hate Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters" while some might actually think this its infact not true and this song is one of the songs I really like about them and after watching the garage tour vid on youtube. I was compelled to go back and listen to some of the songs I used to love from these guys and this unsurprisingly got stuck in my head.

Wednesdays song: Jay Reatard - I Know A Place
I posted this on Facebook on Wednesday night because I had this stuck in my head. All because again I watched the trailer to the doco about him and the songs in it. Once I listened I was hooked on pretty quickly and lead to me going through the singles collection as with what happens when I listen to one of Jay's tracks it snowballs into an album or two.

Thursdays song: tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta
I kind of forgot about this album, its nice but not overly great and worth that many repeat listens. However the track Gangsta got plenty of listens yesterday, this thanks to watching her performance from the Jimmy Fallon show which was great.

Fridays song: Cut Your Hands - Fooling No One
Now I reviewed the new album by these guys this week and this was easily my favourite of the album. I'd been listening to most of it fairly regularly but now I've got it on my iPod the listens to this song in particular have risen. Such a cool, fun alt rock song that harks back to The Smiths and even The Cure.

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