Friday, August 19, 2011

Anticipated Albums Of 2011 Pt 2

I did one of these way back, most of the albums from that post I liked, some I loved and one I'm still kind of dissappointed about (I'm looking at you Arctic Monkeys). So with some more cool albums coming out why not look at what I'm interested in hearing.

Mastodon - The Hunter
Release date: Sept 26
Four albums and the band still haven't made a bad one yet, Crack The Skye was the last release and least heavy from this four piece prog metal band. I can't see this one failing and if it doesn't this band will continue to cement themselves as one of the top metal bands around today.

Primus - Green Naugahyde
Release date: Sept 12
We haven't had a Primus album since nam, do I care that much well not at the time of them not making music, but now I'm kind of excited to see what they do next. I've never been a massive Primus fan but I've always appreciated their music from afar.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You
Release date: Not yet known
Man sometimes you just don't want to be right and this is an album I just hope doesn't blow as it just seems like its going to be. Another album by these guys and its been a while since they released anything good. If this one blows will they please jsut stop, come on make it good so I can listen to you guys again.

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events
Release date: Sept 13
Its been a couple of years since the band that was seriously my favourite during High School released an album. Since then the band has lost who was essentially the leader of the band drummer Mike Portnoy and been replaced by Mike Mangini. Will be interesting how much the band changes (I'm guessing not a lot) and if this album is a success.

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