Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Album Review: Robedoor - Rock Bottom

I'm not even sure if this is very new, I just found it on my mediaplayer and realised its from 2011 so decided it was worth reviewing. Also being a shorter album meant I didn't have to spend as much time listening to the album as my customary 2 listens before reviewing wasn't to take very long. Anyway this is a psychedelic album (well that's what mediaplayer says anyway) by the band Robedoor a two piece from musicians Britt and Alex Brown. This album Rock Bottom is one from a very prolific discography a group that releases multiple albums a year, I've never heard of them so it was interesting starting so late into the discography.

One thing you notice pretty quickly is this is some experimental shit going on, very drone sounding and not only psychedelic but also a great deal of noise rock influence. The dense walls of distortion, drone and sound in this is what makes it incredibly intriguing, the subtle changes in the sound the overall grittiness of it all shows imperfection. The first track Back On The Ground is slow to give off a lot of these features instead going for a fairly classic sounding psychedelic intro with pieces of lo fi distortion thrown in to show grit. The second track is some atmospheric drone that sounds like it would easily fit into a track by Sunn O))) definitely has an evil tone throughout the track even if the track gets a little boring after a while.

The third track Deep Deep In Mexico incorporates vocals for the first time, they are way in the back of the mix but helps bring out the psychedelic nature of this album. As heard in the first track this definitely has psychedelic sounds and the guitars show this off, as does the slow drumming. The whole track is slow but flows beautifully as you just let the song sink in slowly you can even find small amounts of drone in this.

The final track on this very short album is Wake Of The Mythmaker, which at 14 minutes makes up for nearly half the album. The track starts off very slow allowing a long and slow building intro while this song is long and somewhat repetitive I did find myself being lost in the song I started to appreciate all the little things that were going on, this track is by far the highlight for me, it changes enough with the drum beat at 7 minutes elevating the song after the already soaring sounds before this. My favourite part of the song is definitely the guitar change after 10 minutes the psych rock feel grows as the guitar tones change, making the changes in this song perfect to not allow too much sameness throughout.

Overall this is a really cool album, at only 30 minutes and 4 songs you would think there isn't that much one can do. However the exploring of noise, drone and psych rock sounds without being too much of the boring repetitive nature allows this album to continue being interesting throughout.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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