Friday, August 12, 2011

Album Review: Lee Noble - No Becoming

This albums been out for a while now, but theres been very little released that I couold find or bother researching so I thought I'd stick with this one. The first time I heard this I just thought "fuck reviewing this" as I didn't really know how I was to go about it all, but now I guess I have no choice so here it goes. Lee Noble is a drone artist and this album No Becoming is the first of three albums to be released this year and with a bunch of albums released last year he is obviously a prolific musician.

Now when I'm dealing with listening to drone music I gotta be patient which is hard as I have a short attention span, Lee Noble's tracks are certainly slow cookers when they come to the music he is making. Starting with the track Cop Show we just have a smooth as fuck tronic sound that combined with standard drone elements allow for it to be quite a cruisey track. The song also incorporates subtle pieces to give the song something extra without over doing it.

While the first track is very smooth, the second is far from it Paradise Life has a stronger drone sound with the occasional addition of acoustic guitar and some small wobbly electronic bits. The song is much more monotone sounding as well as being a far stronger wall of sound with distortion elements included. As the song gets further along when pretty much have a BAS piece underneath the drone sounds, the clashing of beautiful BAS and gritty sounds is pretty special.

The album then takes a far more electronic turn, with greater beats, less grit and a much more uplifting sound than ever seen in this album. If it wasn't obvious before then it is now that Lee Noble is an electronic artist and not a drone artist (yeah, I just looked it up). Track four Emotive cloak also the shortist on the album is definitely my favourite on the album, its atmnosphere, its uplifting sounds and the overall flow of the song combine to make this a killer track.

The rest of this album has its moments, it exchanges electronic beats and drone phases but without being too in your face. He also finds a way of including some soothing vocals which work so well, if anything its something I'd like to hear more of. The vocals on the track Born Mistake glide along the track and the minimal beat and some form of guitar? sounds add to this songs dour perspective.

Overall this is a solid album its definitely slow to get used to, it has atmospheric moments, some solid electronic pieces and some decent drone. It does come with downfalls such as being something that takes a lot to get interested in as its slow and feels long even at 35 minutes long.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

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