Monday, August 22, 2011

Live Review: Times New Viking San Francisco Bath House Wellington

Its been a couple of weeks since I saw some bands (last was GZA, good show by the way!) so I thought why not go see Times New Viking at San Fran. This was a fairly cheap gig $22 so it made the decision easier in choosing whether to go and once confirmed the first band wasn't coming on till 9 (had work till 830) I locked it in.

Got to the gig a little late and missed the first opening act Sheitgeist and when I showed up to the venue it was very much in a laidback way. Couches going round the floor area which meant people watching the second support act Terror Of The Deep could do so from close range and comfort. I thought these guys were pretty solid, nice lo fi indie rock with garage and blues rock influences with some almost southern sounding vocals. They certainly kept me interested and the people there to see them seem to enjoy themselves they're definitely a tight sounding three piece band hopefully I'll see them again soon.

Now before Times New Viking got on stage I purchased their vinyl Dig Yourself from the merch table, only $20 good deal. Next up was Times New Viking and almost immediately they ran through a bunch of tracks many of them from the new album Dancer Equired (good album) It's A Culture, Ever Falling In Love, No Room To Live and Try Harder feastured early in a set that had songs from all over the discography.

The band were pretty relentless in the way they played, stopping only a couple of times during the set with drummer and singer Adam Elliot asking "Is there any questions?, theres never any questions". The vocals of both Elliot and Beth Murphy and how they fed off each other at times was really great. Another small aspect and completely uninteresting to many was guitarist Jared Phillips playing left handed it's not any achievement but I'd never seen a left handed guitarist. The further this gig went along the faster the band went, almost like old shool punk as the songs were less indie and more over the top speed with little substance.

Overall all it was a pretty nice gig, nice atmosphere, nice band, nothing that you will ever go crazy about but at merely $22 you got your moneys worth so it was a fun way to end the week.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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