Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Album Review: Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

This is Girls second album the first album (titled Album) was released in 2009 and was to put it simply a pretty solid album. Girls then went on to release Broken Dreams Club in 2010 a 6 track EP which was one of my favourite EP's of last year. Before we go any furhter this band maybe called Girls but doesn't actually have any girls in it, sorry to dissapoint those that were expecting female vocals or something of that extent.

The album really does start strong with the track Honey Bunny, the galloping of the drums really get things going and the sweet vocals of Christopher Owens. After this we get a track called Alex that reminds me a lot of the track We Can No Longer Cheat You by The Cribs, the songs aren't exactly that similar but the song was straight into my head after listening. The energy and tempo of this album is great at this stage and with Die (sounds like Muse maan) starting a little bluesy, a little Muse like it seems to be continuing. But just over halfway through the song completely slows down and with it the album decides to really slow down.

With the slowness of the album I feel like the emotions in Owens vocals increase further, its easier for them to be protrayed with everything stripped back anyway. When I first listened to this album I found the middle part of this album quite boring and the slowness ruined the album a little bit, but since then I've found tracks How Can I Say I Love You and Myma lead up to what is the best track on the album really well. The track in question is Vomit, a track many may have already heard as it was released early, the sheer bigness of the album alone is enough for you to rtelise this is the centerpiece of the whole album incredible song indeed.

If anything the slower middle section shows the true soul of the album, the true emotion. Once the track 8 Magic comes about its like Owens is over the sadness and "getting over it", the line "thats why I'm sticking with you, nobody makes me feel better". The album goes through so many emotions in the lyrics, the music behind builds the songs up to show it off even more. With all this I kind of wish there were les slow songs, the balance of slow to not so slow is a little off as personally while my favourite track on the album is Vomit, the first three tracks on this album are the next best. That being said after multiple listens the slower songs I appreciate more and make this album even better in my eyes.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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