Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dum Dum Girls - Only In Dreams

This is the second release from Indie rock band Dum Dum Girls this year, the first being a 4 track EP titled He Gets Me High. That EP included a great cover of The Smiths track There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, a cover that actually got me back into listening to them. This is also the second full length album from the all female four piece from Los Angeles.

The first track Always looking is a really strong start to the album, its a really punchy indie track that shows some similarities to Crystal Stilts in the guitar sounds (not a Girls Names like copy though). The guitars on this track remind me of the song wipeout so an early surf rock influence is apparent on this album. To be honest this is just like some heavier more alternative sounding surf rock tunes, the formula is simple with the vocalist Dee Dee singing about her "guy" and how much she needs, wants and cares for.

The songs don't aways protray sadness and at times Dee Dee's vocals soar incredible to make the song even bigger sounding. I get the feeling like at times its dream pop just with heavier slightly distored guitars and a little faster, like a punk rock edge.This album is like a soft surf rock sound inside a really cool alt rock album, the drums are simple and the songs are really lead vocally. Its a shame that the distortion that was great on the EP from the track He Gets Me High doesn't really appear on this and if anything it means the tracks don't differ too much throughout.

The album is only 36 minutes but keeps your attention from start to finish Always Looking is certainly my favourite on the album and helps you getinto the album straight away. While a track later in the album Wasted Away is another of this mould an almost frantic sounding track.

Overall this is fairly simple album, it won't blow you away but at the songs on this are still really good and defintely end up in multiple listens. Dee Dee's vocals are strong and powerful on this album and the alt spin on songs that are essentially surf rock tracks makes it less cliche.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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