Monday, August 8, 2011

Dubstep, Am I Supposed To Move In Slow Motion?

So I went to the clubz on Saturday night (I do that sometimes) and inevitably I ended up somewhere playing the music of bros dubstep. Now I never really enjoy club music anyway as the music usually blows bunch of top 20 video hits remixed poorly that would make any legitimate DJ embarrassed to be given the name. Obviously not all places are like this and the fact I avoided having to hear Party Rock Anthem (worst song this year by far) means at least the music was bearable. Now while I was at the club they were playing some solid drum & bass with a noice beat and the energy in the place was pretty good then the dubstep hit...

ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO SUDDENLY MOVE IN SLOW MOTION!?!?! cause seriously the energy in the music and beat slows everything down so much. I know most will continue to dance at the same rate as they were before this and fair enough but the song slows errthang down I don't get the dance aspect of it. I know I'm basically pointing this more in the brostep direction as not all dubstep is like this but to most brostep is all thats played and loved by in these clubz. To me its just music people use to show off their fancy new soundsystem in their boyracer car to show how much bass they have.

So what makes dubstep so appealing to dance along to? the slowness? the phat bass? the filfynis? either way I don't get it, would rather listen top far more interesting and upbeat forms of electronic music like house or drum & bass or electronica or even...techno. At the end of the day though is that dubstep? guess I should move in slow motion now.

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