Monday, August 15, 2011

I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun

Its snowing!!!!, now for some of you outside the hills of Kel Bizzle or Wellington in general this may not be that odd but its really the first time its legitimately snowed here since nam. So in turn as I haven't really listened to many new albums I thought a winter themed blog post was in order. Metal fans shall fill their facebook stati with updates about shit becoming black metal, which is right it has.

Now I'm just going to roll out some of my favourite winter songs/albums cause really it doesn't make sense to be listening to Best Coast's album during a snow ball fight or the Beach Boys for that matter. Nothing is greater than a winter sounding album when its cold, feeling like you're actually part of the frozen tundra (Lambeau reprazent) as you listen gives you a greater appreciation to the visuals through the use of sound the band is making.

Now the title of this blog post is taken from a song by a band I'm a big fan of, it was actually there kind of christmas song. (don't worry I ain't going to start posting christmas songs) The band that did this was Beach House.
Everytime when its freezing cold in the morning and the sun is out I always think of the title of this track, it makes even more sense today as it snowed. Obviously being a Beach House song you'll get beautiful as fuck vocals and a pleasant soun throughout.

Another track by Beach House to me is not only a summer but also a winter song, this is my favourite off the last album with it called Norway (grim and frostbitten), I guess it being called Norway is almost enough for me to declare it winter and I just feel like the music video would be them walking through thick snow.

Now theres an album that to me is the ultimate in portraying grim weather and that is Sunn 0))) - Black One, everytime I listen to it, the feel of the album is just cold snowy nights as if your actually in the forest listening to this. The visuals from the sound are so so great and the track Cursed Realms (Of The Winterdemons) has the most cold winter blizzard start to the track, so much atmosphere in it and the album as a whole.

Seriously, shit got black metal today

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