Thursday, August 11, 2011

Song Battle, Songs Of The Same Name...PT 2

So I've already done one of these but thought as I haven't really prepared anything else for today that I'll do this again. Simple really two songs from different artists (no covers) pitted against each other to take song name supremacy. Of course if you disagree or have songs to put against each other feel free to comment and I might have them on this next time.

Song battle one: Baby

The Roots


Verdict: Baby is a great rap song  and The Roots unsurprisingly have built a great beat for the song, its definitely nothing special by these guys but still a great track. On the other hand we have a newer track by Warpaint from their debut album The Fool, this is actually my least favourite track as its pretty much too BAS on this album. Winner: The Roots

Song battle two: Far Away

Cut Copy


Washed Out

Verdict: This is kind of an close with both being so different, Cut Copy's track is such a fun dancey synth pop track which gets you moving. While Washed Outs track is much more subdued and slow but beautiful all the same. Winner: Cut Copy

Song battle three: Get Out

Birds Of Tokyo


Faith No More

Verdict: While the last might have been difficult this one is a lot easier, Birds Of Tokyo's track is one of my least favourite from the band its a pretty boring track all together. While Faith No More's is a great opener to a great album. Winner: Faith No More

Song battle four: Flower

The Charlatans



Verdict: The first album by The Charlatans had many moments of brilliance on it, this song a much slower song to some of the upbeat ones before it work well to show what the band can do. While in Soundgarden's corner we have a track that's not one of the great tracks buts still a strong song Cornell obviously kills it vocally and the guitar sound is great. Winner: The Charlatans

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