Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Album Review: Primus - Green Naugahyde

Its been over 10 years since Primus released a full length album but guess what...? PRIMUS are back, does anyone still care? of course some do, while others probably forgot they existed anymore once the 90's were over after all they were a 90's band... Returning to the drums for this incarnation is Jay Lane who replaces Tim Alexander and on guitar we have longtime guitarist Larry LaLonde.

I must say it had been sometime since I had really cared about Primus but when I heard a new album was in the works I started listening to the albums again. I was never a huge Primus fan but I certainly enjoyed the quirky nature of it all, Les Claypool's lyrics and general song matter were always pretty fun/cool to me so was hoping this was again to be the case.

Thankfully and unsurprisingly the answer to this is yes the lyrics are fairly goofy (yeah I called them goofy) but for this it obviously fits the bill. I've found a few songs on this album Enjoyable, Jilly's On Smack is great definitely my favourite song on the album with its darker feel. While tracks like Last Salmon Man, Eyes Of The Squirrel and Moron TV definitely cause my interest. There are some downsides to this album while these songs are pretty cool there are far too many reminders of Les Claypool solo projects particularly Hennepin Crawler which wasn't a great track for me.

I do think tr00 die hard fans of Primus will love this as they do a lot of the other Primus releases, however the more I listened to this album (4 or 5 times by the time this was reviewed) I came to realise one this about this album. I just don't care, I enjoyed it a fair amount first time through however with each listen I gave less of a shit about every song on the album. Apart from Jilly's On Smack I don't really have any interest in hearing these songs again. I don't really feel its the albums for at all but more this band is pretty much "whatever" to me at this stage.

If I was to compare this band to another its like if Rage Against The Machine released another album, would people really care? I know while I liked the old stuff (Evil Empire is still the shit) I doubt many care for a new album. Is this album by Primus really what the fans wanted? I'd prefer to see them live and them do a world tour or two then trolley out an album I'm not going to care about come next week. If anything this album is targeted at die hard fans or those that love to indulge in nostalgic bands, that's not a criticism to those that like this I just don't.

Overall there's some cool songs on it that remind you of old Primus there's three tracks a quite like but the album does remind me of Les Claypool side project at times. My biggest problem with this album really is I just don't care for it whatsoever.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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