Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bane That Is The Best Of

Last night I received an email from an online store asking me if I wished to pre order the new 2CD of Iron Maiden's best of, funnily it was only from the time period 1990 - 2010. Why would anyone want to buy a best of from the worst period in their history, just avoid that and get Brave New World its the only decent release during that time. But back to the point of this, best of albums for me never really work they aren't always filled with your favourite tracks and they never usually have the flow that the original album they came from had.

The only good reason I have for best of's is that if you've never heard a band before the best of will give you a quick hit of what the bands all about before you delve into the rest of the discography, that's if you even liked the best of. The worst part about this is the off spurt of people who have merely listened to the best of and now claim themselves to be the bands biggest fans.

I know a guy who used to tell me how much he liked David Bowie, now myself I'm not the biggest fan of his but asked him a simple question as to what his favourite song on the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars was? He replied with he didn't know, so I asked him what albums he had just to find what songs he liked. To my surprise all he had was the best of, it wasn't even like he bought the album either, just downloaded the best of a few years back and talks like he knows Bowie better than most...what a fraud.

Now I obviously don't make the rules as to whether you're a big fan or not of a band but to me shouldn't you at least check out what this band has made over the years? a lot of best of's are filled with singles and a few other tracks that became popular, but favourite tracks are different for everyone.

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