Monday, March 21, 2011

DOOM Decision, Plus Walking With Dodo's

So today is the day MF DOOM plays in Wellington at San Francisco Bath House and last night I made the decision to go. It really was an opportunity too good to give a miss and hopefully everything goes well at the show as we don't need no complete nightmare scenarios.Support act is DJ Spell (no fuckin idea who he is) as requested by DOOM himself, I'll be sure to give you a small run down of what went on in tomorrows blog and perhaps a full review later in the week on another blog.

Now while procrastinating instead of doing my assignment that was due today, I decided to go for a walk, cause that's what people do at 1130pm on Sunday night, this also gave me a chance to check out the new album by The Dodos titled No Color. I've never been a huge fan of there's and wasn't even sure if I'd check this out considering how disappointing the last effort was by these guys. But it seems life is good again in the Dodos camp and the album they produced is a big improve on the last one.

Now before I get carried away this isn't a masterpiece by any means but it is some nice indie/folk pop album, with the acoustic guitar really carrying through well throughout the album. The album does start strongly but I felt a bit let down throughout the middle stages before it brightened up again to make this another solid release. Overall it's just a solid album but definitely worth it if you're an old Dodos fan or even someone interested in checking them out for the first time.

Overall rating 7.5

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